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Modification drafts

There is a modification drawing of the building from 1898. It was drawn by John F. Lindegren. The building had two chambers on the street side and a kitchen with a baking oven on the courtyard side. In front of the entrance was a board porch. A separate room on the west boundary of the lot was now connected to the rest of the building by a new room and kitchen addition. The new part was connected by a plank porch with diamond-paned windows. The building was given a tripartite neo-renaissance lining. The outbuilding on the southern boundary of the property included a cattle shed, a privy and two sheds.

In 1970, toilet facilities were added to the main building and the kitchen baking oven was replaced by a smaller wood stove. The sheds in the outbuilding were converted into driveways. In 1981, the apartments were combined into one 88.5 m² dwelling. In 1983, the porches were renovated to make them warm and an old-style gate was built. A sauna was built in the outbuilding. In 1991, a warm storage room was built in the attic of the residential building.

Current situation

Residential building
Long-cornered residential building, later courtyard wing, neo-renaissance roofing in 1898 (John F. Lindegren), saddle roof

Outdoor building
External building made of logs and boards

Old-style gate