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The land belonged in 1800 to a former patron, Michel Modi, who was considered poor.

Modification drafts

From 1896, a modification drawing by John Fredr. Lindegren, which shows that there were three buildings on the plot: a residential building along Kiviniemenkatu and outbuildings on the eastern and western boundaries of the plot. The dwelling was a semi-detached house with an entrance hall and a small antechamber between the living room and the hall. Now they wanted to extend the residential building with a wing on the eastern boundary of the plot. The frame of the old part of the building would also be widened for the hall, and a new entrance hall would be built between the new and old parts. The old part would become a pantry and the new part would become a baker’s pantry. The old hall would be connected to the hall chamber. The baking room would have its own entrance and a small porch in front of it. The baking room would also be connected to the rest of the dwelling. The building would have three sections of neo-renaissance panelling. The windows on the street side would be four-paned, but the new side would have six-paned windows. It appears that the old windows on the roof side would be relocated to the new bakery section. The new side would be vertically boarded. The outbuilding on the eastern boundary of the site, which contained a barn, a lean-to and a latrine, would also be renovated and extended.

In 1901, a plan by Arvi Leikari revisited the extensions to the residential building that had already been thought of the previous time. Perhaps they had not yet been realised. The wall panelling is still shown as three-panelled and the windows as four-paned, but the window surrounds have been made more modest. The detail is limited to the central and lateral notches in the top board.

In 1908, a new porch, a grand gate and a lattice fence at the top were added.

Current situation

Residential building
Long-cornered residential building, neo-renaissance style 1901 (Arvi Forsman), saddle roof

Outdoor building
Vertical boarded exterior building.