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In 1800 the land was owned by the civil guard And.Korfvelin. He was poor.

Modification drafts

From 1894 there is John Fredr. Lindegren’s drawing for the construction of an outbuilding on the plot. It was built on the site of the present outbuilding and included a barn, a shed and a plank shed.

In early 1907, Arvi Leikari drew up a plan for alterations to the buildings on the site. The residential building had two apartments. The larger one had a kitchen with a baking oven and four rooms, one of which was very small and without a fireplace. The second apartment had two rooms and a kitchen. The façades were to have vertical plasterwork, with lining around the T-shaped windows, in an Art Nouveau style. However, this was not implemented, as a new façade plan was dated August of the same year, with neo-renaissance-style panelling on the windows. This plan has two windows in one room on the roof, compared to only one in the previous plan. However, the second window was left out. A new toilet block was added to the side of the outbuilding. The outbuilding already had two log rooms and a plank part. The façade of the building has three new windows, which, judging by the grid pattern, are drawn on the façade.

In 1926, Leonard Kemppainen made a plan for a new porch section, the height of the building. This allowed the larger of the previous apartments to be divided into two parts. The old baking oven had already been replaced by a smaller wood stove. The new apartment had no kitchen stove at all. The façade of the building was shown on the drawing as being vertically boarded and the window panelling was very simple.

There is a plan from 1957, which again proposed two windows in the same room, as had been planned before. The apartments, which were still three, were now fitted with small toilet facilities. The kitchens had wood stoves, and one was added to the apartment that originally had no cooking facilities. In 1968 the building underwent internal alterations. The window change had still not been carried out and was again included in the plan. In 1975, two of the apartments were combined, and the last kitchen was converted into a sauna. In 1981, the residential building was converted into a single apartment. The location of the sauna was moved again. A garage was added to the outbuilding. The plans were drawn up by Markus Bernoulli.

Current situation

Residential building
A short-cornered residential building from 1884, vertical planking, saddle roof, the layout is in the spirit of the 1926 plan (Leonard Kemppainen).

Outside building
Vertical boarded outbuilding

Renovated to match the 1907 design (Arvi Leikari).