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According to 1756 records, the owner was Martti Smedberg. In 1800 the owners are mentioned as bourgeois Joh. Smedberg. He also had a small field and meadow, a food shed and a share of a barn and a shed.

Fire insurance

The 1863 fire insurance for the neighbouring plot shows that the residential buildings on the plot were located in the same way along Eteläpitkäkatu and Anundilankatu as they were later.

Modification drafts

The main building of Huhtla has been well preserved in its original form. Back in the 1930s, when the house was owned by the painter Eino Arola, a proposal was made to replace the gateway with a room, enlarge the windows, place them evenly and raise them higher than they are now. At the same time, the tiled stoves would have been moved from the corners of the rooms to the centre of the building. However, the plan was never completed.

The building on Anundilankatu, on the other hand, was thoroughly renovated. The building had previously housed two living rooms, a baking room and a pantry, with sheds as extensions. According to a plan drawn up in 1932, the building was converted to consist only of living quarters, two rooms, a kitchen and a hallway. The new building was made taller and relined, but in the old style. In 1971, the premises were converted into a single apartment and fitted with an indoor toilet. A sauna was added to the outbuilding.

Current situation

Building parallel to Eteläpitkäkatu
Long-cornered, gabled residential building, probably from the 1700s with old-style windows, saddle roof

Residential building on the Anundilankatu side
Residential building, re-erected in the 1930s (Kaino Kari)

Outdoor building
Brick outbuilding, originally a toilet-storage building, since 1971 a sauna (Marja Oivamäki)

A gate through a building.