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In 1756, the house of Auleen was owned by Auleen. In 1800 the owner was Simo Renfors, a tanner.

Fire insurance and modification drafts

The Auleen plot was long owned by the same owner as the neighbouring Wiljala plot. Most of their fire insurance policies had been taken out together, and alteration drawings had been made for buildings on both plots at the same time. For this reason, the construction phases have been treated as a whole in the context of plot 32 in Wiljala. The Auleen plot was perhaps a little more grandly built and therefore the main plot, at a time when the plots had a common owner.

In 1993, one of the shop rooms was attached to the apartment and its door was replaced by a normal window, as well as a shop window. A shop and showroom were left at the west end of the building. Improvements to the washroom facilities were also on the agenda. An old-style gate was planned for the site, but has not yet been completed. The plans were drawn up by Jukka Koivula.

Current situation

Street-side residential building
Short-cornered residential building, partly commercial, built in 1824, street façade redecorated in 1898, courtyard façade with ribbed stucco dating from 1842, hipped roof, hipped tiles, display windows.

Residential building in the middle of the plot
Long-cornered residential building dating from 1836, pantile lining, saddle roof.

Residential building at the rear of the plot
Elongated residential building dating from 1844, originally a sauna, converted into a residence in 1892, saddle roof.

Outdoor building
Short-cornered outbuilding, planking

Outbuilding by the river
Short-cornered outbuilding dating from 1827.