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Junnila was owned by carpenter Petter Hammarström in 1800.

Fire insurance

The buildings were insured in 1842 and 1862 in connection with the Pinnala house.

Modification drafts

The Pinnala and Junnila plots had been used together when the previous change was made in 1891, but now the plots have been separated, and two small pent roof sheds were built on the Junnila plot. In 1899, the windows of the Junnila building were to be changed to T-shaped and a neo-renaissance style board was to be added to the lower part of the classical window sashes. The wall panelling was retained as wide horizontal boards and the roof was tiled.

In 1978, a living room was built in the attic and the kitchen was renovated. A bathroom was also added.

Current situation

Residential building
Residential building with a long corner dating from 1842, original horizontal timbering, saddle roof
Modification drawing (Arvi Forsman, 1899). Window shape changed to the present one in 1951.

Outdoor building
An oblong outbuilding, belonging to the same row as the outbuilding on the neighbouring plot, built in 1891, Pinnala and Junnila were then owned by the same owner. Vertical planking from a later period.

A wooden gate in the style of the 1950s.