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According to the 1891 change drawing, there were two residential buildings on the second half of Kaukla House, one on the corner, or in the Rauma style, angular building facing Anundilankatu and the other on the southern edge of the plot. The main building along the street had seven rooms and a kitchen with a baking oven. Three porches were added during the conversion. Two more rooms were added to the second, semi-detached house. One of them was equipped with a baking oven. The hall of the old semi-detached house was converted into a kitchen and all the other rooms were fitted with new chamber ovens. Two porches were built. Both buildings received a neo-Renaissance lining designed by John F. Lindegren, the main building more handsome and the courtyard building simpler. The outbuildings included a stable and barn with vestibules, a log cabin, a barn and a privy.

In 1917, a fireplace was built in two of the chambers for cooking.

The buildings on the site were destroyed during the Winter War.

Current situation

Residential building
New residential building erected in 2000 – 2001 (Markus Bernoulli)

Outdoor building
New outbuilding from 2000 – 2001