Other Specialized Shops

Goldsmith Laiho

In addition to the unique productions of the shop, Goldsmith Laiho offers traditional gold products as well as spectacular Rauma lace jewellery.

Hetki Design

Practical and value-for-money products such as clothing (for children and adults), household items and jewelry. A lot of Finnish and ecological brands.

DesignShop Piilo.

DesignShop Piilo

Small and cute designshop in the centre of Old Rauma. From Piilo you can find clothes, jewellery and home decor from Finnish designers. Owner Anni Kaita-aho makes her own jewellery brand “KARINA jewellery” pieces inside the store.

Bakery Ketunleipä

Bakery products, including delicious breads and buns, are baked with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients using traditional craft methods. The bakery uses organic ingredients whenever possible. Bakery serves also as a café.

Rauman Tehopakkaus

The versatile range of different types of packaging and crafting supplies.

Shop Iloinen Ihmemaa. Products on the selves.

Iloinen Ihmemaa

Iloinen Ihmemaa is a store, where you can find everything you need for organizing a party. There is a lot of different baking supplies, single-use tableware and all sorts of balloons with or without helium. You can order costumes for theme parties and buy wigs and other fun accessories. There is also some souvenirs available.

Food boutique Lumo. Products on the selves.

Lumo Organic Grocery Shop

Organic grocery shop that offers a changing selection of  kitchen utensils, textiles, organic cosmetics and organic detergents, among other products.

Sweet Rauma

Delightful candy store in Old Rauma with a speciality is in gluten-free candy selection. Also available hand made truffles, confectionery and chocolates.


Versatile store full of products for hunting, fishing, boating and hiking.

SST Shop

Suomen Sairaalatukku’s (Finland’s Hospital Wholesaler) shop has a wide selection of various products for health care.