Factory Outlets

Fredman's kitchen products such as foil, plastic bags.


A Finnish family-owned company manufacturing products for cooking, food preservation and transportation as well as for cleaning. The wide selection in the factory outlet includes Eskimo products and Fredman products favoured by professionals as well as popular, affordable second quality products. The factory and the factory outlet are located in Lappi, Rauma. The factory outlet is open Mon-Fri 10-17.

Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo

Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo, a Finnish producer of meat and poultry meat products, has a factory shop in Lappi, Rauma. The products are made of locally raised livestock, using recipes unique to Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo. The main products of the factory in Lappi include smoked meat and packaged meat products of beef, pork and chicken.

Honey by Polar-Honey Finland and a honey spoon.

Polar Honey Finland

Polar Honey Finland is Finland’s best-known honey producer. Polar Honey Finland’s factory shop is located in Lappi, Rauma. The shop offers a wide selection of the company’s own honey products as well as other locally produced goods.

Wooden Bail and Barrel Factory

Rauman Kiulu- ja tynnyritehdas (wooden bail and barrel factory) is a family business manufacturing traditional wooden dishes since 1997. The products include wooden sauna bails, water tubs, wine barrels and barrel furniture, among others. In addition to the company’s own products, the factory shop has a wide selection of products from other Finnish manufacturers.

Factory outlet of Vormu. Bedding items in the selves.


Vormu is a textile company manufacturing high-quality Uniquu bedding, which are also allergy friendly. Products are cheaper in factory outlet than online and the product range is wider. Production can also be monitored through the glass wall of the factory outlet.

Location of the factory outlet is near VT8 road. It is easy to visit the factory outlet even if you are just passing by Rauma.