Rauma Lace

Kajava Gift and Handicraft Shop

Located in the heart of Old Rauma, the shop offers a wide selection of good quality laces, handicrafts, gifts and textiles.

Goldsmith Laiho

In addition to the unique productions of the shop, Goldsmith Laiho offers traditional gold products as well as spectacular Rauma lace jewellery.

Museum Shop Kistupuad

A wide selection of local artisans’ products, from authentic Rauma lace to souvenirs, are waiting to be discovered in the Old Town Hall’s museum shop.

Pits-Priia, a bobbin lace store. Lace items on the wall and products on the shelves.


The shop of Nyplääjät ry (Lacemakers Association) offers a wide selection of bobbin lace doilies, lace-making equipment, bobbin lace patterns and various other bobbin lace products. A lace maker is often present to demonstrate lace making.