Other Accommodation

Caravans in Poroholma

Holiday Centre Poroholma

The five-star holiday centre offers a perfect setting for a holiday. There are plenty of accommodation and restaurant services to choose from. The holiday centre is situated by the sea, close to the town centre.

Forenom accommodation


Forenom offers furnished and homely apartments, where you can stay exactly as long as you need: for one or two nights, for a week or for several months.

Apartment Hotel Pikkurivi

A charming apartment hotel in an over 150-year-old wooden house in the Unesco World Heritage Site of Old Rauma. The house has a spacious kitchen, a living room and a bathroom as well as a nice bedroom upstairs. The apartment is suitable for two persons but can easily be equipped with an extra bed. Available in the summer months.



Wähä-Kesklä is a cosy detached house in the idyllic World Heritage Site of Old Rauma. The house is 135 square metres in area and has three separate rooms as well as a big, well-equipped kitchen and a living room, two toilets and a shower room. In Wähä-Kesklä, you can stay comfortably with family or friends. The house is also suitable for corporate guests.

Helmiranta Wellness and Recreation Centre

A full service conference, banquet and camping centre situated by the seaside just a 15-minute drive away from the town centre. The five cosy and modern fisherman’s cottages are perfect for a stay from one night to several days.


Home accommodation is a good choice when you are looking for a cosy accommodation. In Rauma, you can stay for example in the idyllic Old Rauma. Check the options on www.airbnb.com.

Kuuskajaskari Holiday and Fortress Island

The former garrison island of the Finnish Army offers exotic accommodation for those looking for a change of scenery. You can sleep on an iron bed in a real barracks building or choose to stay in one of the terraced house apartments, where military personnel used to live. Apartments can be rented for a single night or for longer periods, even the whole summer. In total, the island accommodates up to 200 guests. The island also offers café, restaurant and sauna services. Kuuskajaskari is a unique milieu for meetings, parties, corporate events and get-togethers.

Kylmäpihlaja Lighthouse Hotel

Situated approximately 10 kilometres from the mainland, Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse hotel offers accommodation in very unique surroundings: in the tower of a real lighthouse. The 13 maritime-themed rooms with shared bathrooms offer a spectacular view of the sea. In addition to accommodation, the island’s services include a lighthouse restaurant, a beachfront café and a boat harbour.

Sailing Ship Hostel Gerda

Gerda was built in Gävle, Sweden, in 1995-2005 and is a replica of sailing ship Gerda Gefle, which was built in 1869. Gerda’s home harbour is Holiday Centre Poroholma, where the ship serves as a sailing ship hostel.

Reksaari Nature Island

The beautiful nature island of Reksaari provides a tent site as well as cottage accommodation for up to ten persons.

Soukaisten Rustholli terrace

Soukaisten Rustholli

Soukaisten Rustholli is a culturally and historically valuable farm in village Soukainen. It is located in the middle of countryside – a short drive away from the city centre.