Welcome to a field trip in Rauma! We have gathered some tips to ease the planning for field trips.

Have adventures on the lanes of Old Rauma – Adventure in Old Rauma

School field trip

An adventurous tour in Old Rauma, during which the history of the town is introduced. The excursion is suitable for pupils between the ages of 7 and 12. Duration about 45 minutes, 6 €/pupil. Max group size is 25 pupils/tour.

Rauma Museum,, tel. +358 44 567 9183.

Navigate at the Maritime Museum – Rauma Maritime Museum

Entrance hall of Rauma Maritime Museum with red carpet and a big ship´s helm.

  • Adventure around Cape Horn: A voyage as the crew of a sailing ship a hundred years ago. Suitable for 6–7 years old children. Duration 30 minutes.
  • Shipwreck adventure: Why do ships sink sometimes? What can studying the shipwrecks tell us? The basics information about navigation and shipwreck studies. Suitable for 8–12 years old children. Duration about 45 minutes.
  • Sailors and their ships guided tour: What kind of life the sailors had on the ships? What kind of food they ate? How they have been contacting home? Guided tour introduces the life of the sailors from 1800 century to present day. Suitable for 8–12 years old children. Duration about 30–45 minutes.

Rauma Maritime Museum, Kalliokatu 34,,, tel. +358 2 822 4911.

Play in Kipparinpuisto Playground

Traffic park

Kipparinpuisto Playground and Traffic Park are convenient destinations for playing. The traffic park gives 6–12-year-olds a chance to practise traffic behaviour with bikes and pedal cars. The playground is accessible around the clock. Bikes and pedal cars for the traffic park are available on request for additional cost.

Kipparinpuisto, Vähämaanpuisto 7.

Enjoy the Ride with the Kake City Train

Kake the City Train in Old Rauma.

You should get to know Rauma on a fun city train ride. On a tour of about an hour, you will go around the city center and see the beautiful scenery of the seaside. Max 60 persons. The train ride costs 150 €/starting hour.

Bookings Ove Lindström, tel. +358 40 637 8003.