Ravintola Amarillon terassialue kesällä.

Restaurant Amarillo Rauma

A Mexican style restaurant in Old Rauma offering great food, cool drinks and a laid-back atmosphere.

The restaurant’s meeting room is suitable for up to 30 people for small meetings and dinners.

Savilankatu 1, Rauma Tel. +358 2 833 0530

Restaurant Buena Vista

A cosy restaurant for dining and socializing by Rauma canal. The extensive à la carte menu provides something for everyone. A small meeting room (max 20 persons) is available for private occasions and meetings.

Kanalinranta 5, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 7757
Hotel Scandic Rauma by the canal.

Restaurant Bistro

Hotel Scandic Rauma Restaurant Bistro is a relaxed and inviting meeting place where you can enjoy delicious dinner. Did you know that you are also welcome to enjoy our breakfast, even if you didn’t stay in our hotel. The price for the breakfast is 18 € / person, if not hotel guest.

Aittakarinkatu 9, Rauma Tel. +358 2 4808 1616
Retaurant Kalatori inside.

Restaurant Kalatori

Delicious food from fresh and high-quality ingredients. On the terrace, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity.

Vanhankirkonkatu 26, Rauma Tel. +358 2 8376 2200
Restaurant Kapteeninhuone. The tables are set.

Restaurant Kapteeninhuone

Delicious food with over 20 years of experience.

Kalliokatu 25, Rauma Tel. +358 2 83 881

Restaurant Min Yuan

Chinese restaurant in Old Rauma.

Kuninkaankatu 4, Rauma Tel. 02 822 6869
Ravintola Mr. Jonesin pöytiä.

Restaurant Mr. Jones

A cosy restaurant in the proximity of Old Rauma, just across Keskuspuisto park. Mr. Jones combines an American style menu with a pub-like, relaxed atmosphere.

Valtakatu 5, Rauma Tel. +358 2 821 0717

Restaurant Everest Himal

Nepalese restaurant in the heart of Old Rauma.

Kuninkaankatu 19, Rauma Tel. +358 45 668 7373

Restaurant Osteria da Filippo

Authentic Italian food prepared from fresh, local ingredients. Delicious pizza, fresh pasta, salads and focaccia breads.

Isokirkkokatu 9, Rauma Tel. +358 44 243 9711
Aurinkoinen näkymä Rauman vesitornista merellä päin.

Restaurant Rauman Torni

Restaurant Rauman Torni is located 66,5 meters above the sea level in Rauma water tower. From there is magnificent view over the whole city centre. Restaurant’s kitchen uses local produced quality ingredients. Lunch is available from Monday to Friday.

Rauman Torni is also a great place for meetings and other private events. Meeting facilities are for 40 people.

Vesitornintie 2, Rauma Tel. +358 41 314 6182
Captain Jack's restaurant in a sailing ship Maritta, which is on the Poroholma harbour with sailing ship Kathrina.

Restaurant Captain Jack’s

On the terrace of an authentic sailing ship, schooner Marita, you can enjoy burgers and salads, among others. Open in the summertime.

Poroholmantie 8, Rauma Tel. +358 2 533 5522
Beach house in Poroholma at the beach. People on the sand.

Poroholman Rantatalo

Pizzeria, hamburger restaurant and a café with impressive views to the sea.

Suvitie, Rauma Tel. +358 2 533 5522
Pizzeria Rivierassa on mustavalkoinen sisustus.

Pizzeria Riviera

An atmospheric restaurant with a successful history of almost 30 years. In addition to the restaurant’s famous pizzas, the menu includes pasta and fresh salads.

Hallikatu 6, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 8991

Restaurant Savila

A lovely restaurant in the heart of Old Rauma.

Vanhankirkonkatu 1, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 6610
Ravintola Savilan Nurkk Trahröörin ruokasali.

Savila´s Nurkk Trahtöör

A new restaurant, Nurkk Trahtöör, opened in the summer of 2020. It is an elegant evening and social restaurant in the heart of the Old Rauma. In the restaurant the style, atmosphere and delicious food meet.

Vanhankirkonkatu 1, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 6610
Restaurant Sydvest inside.

Restaurant Sydvest

Restaurant Sydvest is a bistro and gastropub in the idyllic Old Rauma.

Kuninkaankatu 6, Rauma Tel. +358 2 823 3382
Ravintola Villa Tallbo sijaitsee vaaleassa pitsihuvilassa.

Restaurant Villa Tallbo

Delicious food in an architecturally fascinating milieu, in a charming restored villa by the sea.

Petäjäksentie 178, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 0733
Entrance of the restaurant Wanhan Rauman Kellari.

Restaurant Wanhan Rauman Kellari

An idyllic cellar restaurant famous for its tasty steaks as well as for delicious fish and chicken dishes. On the roof of the restaurant, there is a large open roof garden and terrace with a beautiful park view.

Anundilankatu 8, Rauma Tel. +358 2 866 6700

Restaurant Wen Jing

Authentic asian restaurant by the market place.

Kauppakatu 11, Rauma Tel. +358 2 533 6801

Restaurant Tokio Sushi

Japanese restaurant Tokio Sushi have delicious sushi and also other traditional Japanese dishes.

Kiviniemenkatu 2, Rauma Tel. +358 44 984 9468


Pizzeria Kotipizza is located in Old Rauma. Pizzeria opened its doors in spring 2019.

Kuninkaankatu 5, Rauma Tel. +358 50 476 8913

Pizzeria Tota Tota Nam Nam

Kebab-pizzeria in the Market place, Old Rauma.

Vähäkirkkokatu 10, Rauma Tel. +358 2 536 6978
2 kundia ravintolan take away annos.

2 Kundia Burgers & Fries

2 Kundia Burgers & Fries offers delicious hamburgers and fries, which are made from locally produced ingredients. 2 Kundia Burgers & Fries is a food truck and it operates all over Western Finland. More information is available on their website (website is in Finnish).

Kuninkaankatu 17 , Rauma Tel. +358 44 231 7576

Olu Bryki Raum Brewery and Pub Hullu Hirvi

Olu Bryki Raum is Finland´s only brewery, which has specialized to ancient beers. From brewery store you can buy different kinds of beers, also seasonal products. You can enjoy the authentic products also in brewery pub Hullu Hirvi.

Brewery is located in a walking distance from Old Rauma.

Opening times on Facebook (in Finnish).

Hakrinkatu 4 / Isokatu 21, Rauma Tel. +358 500 122 344

Hella Street Food Co.

Hella Street Food Co. is a sport themed restaurant in the city centre.

Kauppakatu 3, Rauma