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Location and arrival

Sammallahdenmäki is located approximately 20 km from the centre of Rauma. Sammallahdenmäki can be entered freely. Signs guide visitors to the site from highways 12 and 8 and from road 2070.  Information points at the parking places provide brochures and information on the site.

Accessing the site is easy with your own car. Unfortunately public transportation does not reach the site at the moment. The closest bus stop is at the centre of Lappi village, which is 4,5 km from the Southern information point.

Reaching Sammallahdenmäki by bike is relatively easy, a route can be found on the Outdoor map (pdf).

Two information points are found at the parking places. The address of the Southern information point is Savulaaksontie 181.The Northern information point is located along Sammallahdentie road, approximately 500 metres from the junction of Eurajoentie (road 2070) and Sammallahdentie.

The information boards at the information points provide information on Sammallahdenmäki and the Bronze Age as well as some brochures. The information on the boards is available in Finnish, Swedish and English, and additionally the brochures are available in German and French. Ecological outhouses are found at each information point. The outhouse at the Southern information point is accessible.

A 1,5 km guided path circulates the area and it is suitable for hiking independently. The paths are marked with looped square signs.

Path in Sammallahdenmäki

The relics are protected

The solid relics are protected by the law. Digging, covering, changing, damaging, removing and other forms of interference are prohibited. Using the existing paths is recommended to protect the sensitive vegetation. Making a fire and using any vehicles is prohibited. The burial site of Sammallahdenmäki is privately owned, so remember to follow the everyman’s rights.