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Rauma is the favourite destination for those who love art and handicrafts! The artist community in Old Rauma is active, and both artists and artisans enjoy working in the wooden houses. Many nationally and even internationally known artists live and work in Rauma.

See what Rauma has to offer – the artists welcome you to explore their exhibition galleries and workrooms! Opening hours vary, so please check them directly from the artists or Rauma Tourist Information.


Rauma Art Museum and a well in Hauenguano.

Rauma Art Museum

Rauma Art Museum is located in the Pinnala House in Old Rauma. The museum buildings and the idyllic yard form one of the Old Rauma’s best preserved groups of buildings. The historical milieu is a perfect setting for the museum to showcase the various phenomena of art, from modern art to the history of art. The museum’s calendar contains temporary exhibitions, events and workshops.

Kuninkaankatu 37, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 4346
Room of the Teresia and Rafael Lönnström home museum.

Home Museum of Teresia and Rafael Lönnström

Teresia and Rafael Lönnström’s home museum exhibits the unique residence and art collection of an industrialist couple. Their home was opened as a museum in 1988. The atmospheric home museum combines the elegance of a business home with the coziness created by long-term living. In the gallery of the home museum, you will learn about the Lönnström projects of contemporary art.

Syväraumankatu 41, Rauma Tel. +358 45 261 0504
Light lace work on the wall of Seppä House.

Seppä House

Charming Seppä House is in use of culture throughout the year. The house and its garden hosts a variety of cultural and art events and exhibitions. Seppä House is open during the events.

Alfredinkatu 3, Rauma

Arja Nummi


Kauppakatu 15, Rauma Tel. +358 40 543 2437
Painting by Salme Kauppi.

Art & Design Salme Kauppi


Kuninkaankatu 40, Rauma Tel. +358 40 504 6609

Atelier Eila Minkkinen

Silver smith, sculptor.

Vanhankirkonkatu 20, Rauma Tel. +358 50 572 0916

Atelier Hulda

Visual artist, abstract painter.

Komppi 14, Rauma Tel. +358 50 441 6168

Atelier Kerttu Horila


Länsikatu 7, Rauma Tel. +358 500 994 686

Atelier Mika Honkanen

Oil paintings, watercolours, pastels and drawings.

Isoraastuvankatu 7, Rauma Tel. +358 40 753 0774

Ceramist Seija Palonen


Itäkatu 10, Rauma Tel. +358 50 326 5124

Ceramic Art Kirsi Backman

Ceramic art.

Kuninkaankatu 21, Rauma Tel. +358 50 549 4663

Gallery Keinutuoli

The main themes of artist Anu Sukanen’s art are peace, nature and human. Connecting and bringing these three together. Art graphics, installations, photography and visual and textile art. Gallery Keinutuoli is located in the Heikklä art yard in Old Rauma.

Itäkatu 4 as 4, Rauma Tel. +358 50 339 5169
Gallery Sanna Saarinen. Work of art in the corner of the gallery.

Gallery Sanna Saarinen

Textile and metal sculptures.

Facebook-pages (in Finnish)

Itäkatu 4, Rauma Tel. +358 40 503 5825

Gallery Tuula Kallas


Koulukatu 3 B 3, Rauma Tel. 044 987 7293
Ceramics angel with white skirt.


Ceramics, sculptures, and other art works by Keramos ceramics group.

Instagram @keramosrauma

Isokirkkokatu 1, Rauma Tel. +358 44 272 9662
December evening painting by Lasse Kempas.

Lasse Kempas- Gallery Kempas

Artist. Gallery open on request.

Ylinenkatu 6, Rauma Tel. +358 500 325 309

Mysteeri, Artist Eija Suneli


Kuninkaankatu 6, Rauma Tel. +358 400 686 936

Pia Salo

Open on request.

Turunkatu 13 C, Rauma

Lace Artist Tarmo Thorström

Lace artist, who creates laceworks in different forms.

Tel. +358 44 3219 139

Rauman Taidegraafikot

Studio of Rauma Printmakers Association is located in Old Rauma. There is exhibition on the walls of the studio and you can buy some of the graphic prints and cards.

Studio open when you see artist working there. Just come inside! Open also on request. 


Kuninkaankatu 44, Rauma Tel. +358 44 022 6204
Artist Shannon Amey in the yard of her studio.

Shannon Amey Art

Shannon Amey is a Canadian and Irish Visual Artist who maintains a full time professional studio practice in Rauma. The studio is open by request.

Lahdenkatu 17 , Rauma

Tommi-Wihtori Roström

Artist. Rauma’s smallest summer art gallery in Heikklä Art Yard.

Kuninkaankatu 44, Rauma Tel. +358 41 701 6202
Art house Ylen. Human figures at work.

Ylen Art House

Väinö and Hilma Ylen’s folklore art exhibition showcases over 500 plaster or concrete figures of humans and animals doing various everyday chores.

Kodisjoentie 1535, Kodisjoki Tel. +358 40 549 8749