Banquet Restaurants, Banquet and Meeting Facilities

Meeting room of Hotel Kalliohovi.

Hotel Kalliohovi Meeting Facilities

The versatile restaurant space of hotel Kalliohovi is easily modifiable to suit various needs. Kapteeninhuone Restaurant offers tailor-made menus for private occasions. Additionally the building houses meeting rooms and saunas.

Meeting and sauna facilities

  • Johtokunta meeting room: max 24 persons
  • Hallitus meeting room: max 12 persons
  • Poseidon meeting room: max 26 persons
  • Sauna 1: max 20 persons
  • Sauna 2: max 8 persons
Hotel Scandic Rauma by the canal.

Hotel Scandic Rauma Meeting Facilities

Scandic Rauma is located in the town centre, by the beautiful canal running through the town. The hotel offers three pleasant and modifiable meeting rooms, and additionally Restaurant Bistro in the hotel offers facilities for meetings.


  • Louttu meeting room: max. 14 persons
  • Pihlus meeting room: max. 50 persons
  • Pöllä meeting room: max. 70 persons
  • Restaurant Bistro: max. 45 persons

Equipment and services

  • slide projector
  • copying service
  • flip chart
  • note taking equipment
  • overhead projector
  • tv

Helmiranta Wellness and Recreation Centre

A full service conference, banquet and camping centre situated by the seaside just a 15-minute drive away from the town centre. The five cosy and modern fisherman’s cottages are perfect for a stay from one night to several days.

Johtolan rakennus kesällä. Rakennuksen edessä pöydät, tuolit ja aurinkovarjot.

Johtola Banquet Restaurant

The beautiful facilities of the Johtola Banquet Restaurant are suitable for many different occasions such as corporate events, family parties and festive dinners for up to 60 people. It is also a great meeting place for smaller groups.

Fåfänga Pavilion Banquet and Meeting Facilities

Fåfänga Pavilion offers banquet and meeting facilities and saunas by the sea.

Facilities and equipment

  • Banquet room: for 100-120 persons (sound system, data projector)
  • Bar
  • Sauna: max 10 persons
  • Hot outdoor tubs
  • Terrace: max 300 persons
  • Dance hall: max 460 persons
Rauman merimuseo ulkoa keväällä.

Rauma Maritime Museum Banquet and Meeting Facilities

The Rauma Maritime Museum is located in the former Rauma Maritime school, which was completed in 1900. The museum is suitable for meeting and celebrations and there is a possibility for catering.


  • Valkama-sali hall: max 60 persons
  • Captain’s table: max 16 persons
  • Purjelaivasali hall: max 36 persons
  • Winefred salon: max 12 persons
  • Harbinger banquette room: max 10 persons

Check the video of the facilities.

Ooperi Banquet and Sports House

Ooperi Banquet and Sports House is a traditional banquet house in an idyllic location by the Pitkäjärvi lake.

Facilities and equipment

  • Mutteri Hall: max. 300 persons
  • Alatupa: max. 60 persons
  • Sports hall: 420 m², clearance 6 m
  • Two saunas: max. 15 persons/sauna
  • Youth club room: approx. 20 persons (data projector, dvd player, cd player, board games)


The facilities of Kellariteatteri are rented for cultural and band activities and appropriate public events (max 150 persons). The facilities are situated in the same property with Ota Kindergarten which needs to be acknowledged in all activities.

Kino Café and Iso-Hannu Cinema

Kino Café is a perfect place for a small birthday celebration, Christmas parties or other private occasions. Catering can easily be ordered from Mr. Jones Restaurant. A private movie screening is also possible. The screening room can be used as an auditorium for speeches and concerts.

Facilities and equipment

  • Screening room 1: seating for 121 persons, silver screen 850 cm x 350 cm, Barco 1500s digital projector
  • Screening room 2: seating for 63 persons
  • Kino Café: seating for max 30 persons
Sign to Restaurant Etappi 22.

Etappi *22* Banquet and Meeting House

Full service banquet and meeting house located right by the town centre offers countless possibilities. The facilities are modifiable and suitable for various events.


  • Upstairs hall max 200 persons
  • Downstairs hall max 60 persons
  • Three group work rooms max 20 persons each
  • Banquet room with sauna max 20 persons
  • Sauna max 10 persons


  • Wlan
  • Flip chart and marker board
  • Silver screen
  • Data projectors (fixed and moveable)
  • Sound system
  • Podium

Poselli Culture House

Diverse facilities for cultural events right in the town centre.


  • Big hall: approx. 210 m², approx. 200 persons (concerts, meetings) or 150 persons (family celebrations and other private occasions)
  • Small hall: approx. 90 m², cafeteria room 60 persons

Kylmäpihlaja Lighthouse Island

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse on the outermost island of the Rauma archipelago offers an interesting and unique setting for meetings, trainings and parties.


  • Conference room: max. 12–14 persons
  • Sauna and hot-water tub

Nurmes Cottage

The Nurmes Cottage is located in the middle of the Bothnian Sea National Park, on the island of Nurmes, a 30-minute boat ride from the mainland. The cottage is open for corporate meetings and recreational purposes and it offers ideal surroundings for groups looking for privacy, peace and nature.

Facilities and equipment

  • Meeting and dining rooms: approx. 20 persons, events in the summer and get-togethers max 40 persons
  • Beds: max 10 persons
  • Sauna, smoke sauna, hot-water tub
  • Audiovisual equipment on demand

Aarnkari Banquet Restaurant

Surrounded by the sea, Aarnkari offers excellent settings for parties and meetings only 3 kilometres from the town centre. Catering available.


Hall: 100–110 persons (80 persons, if a dance floor is needed)


  • data projector
  • 55″ screen
  • conference microphone
  • blu ray player
  • home cinema
  • digital camera
  • wireless Internet
Juhlahovi facilities. Tables and chairs in an open space.

Juhlahovi Banquet Restaurant

Easily modifiable, multipurpose facilities for various events. Juhlahovi plans the event together with the client.

Meeting facilities

  • Diplomat form 50 persons
  • Class room form 120 persons
  • Theatre form 300 persons
  • Banquet form 270 persons
  • U-table form 56 persons
  • separate meeting room that can be separated into three sections


  • data projector
  • overhead projector
  • flip chart
  • silver screen
  • sound system
  • wireless microphone

Äijänsuo Arena Services

Äijänsuo Arena Services offer banquet, meeting and restaurant services and event services. The diverse facilities of Kivikylä Arena can be modified for both small and big occasions and events. Tableware and other equipment available.


  • Meeting services: max 500 persons (smaller events possible as well)
  • Banquet services: max 100 persons, Foster’s Restaurant approx. 30-100 persons


  • Data projector and other basic meeting equipment
  • Wireless Internet access

Restaurant Villa Tallbo banquet and meeting facilities

Villa Tallbo’s halls offer unique facilities for corporate receptions, family celebrations and group dinners. The idyllic halls and the meeting rooms of the villa are suitable for meetings for smaller groups. For bigger groups, the facilities in a new banquet facility Juhla-Tallbo are available.

Facilities and equipment

  • Seating: max 140 persons
  • Sauna department: 15-20 persons
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Delicious food for meeting and conferences

Café Sali Lounge

A modern café situated ideally right by the market place. The atmospheric space offer an excellent setting for a meeting.

Meeting facilities and equipment

  • Max 20 persons
  • LCD screen
  • Micro hi-fi system
  • Silver screen
  • Easily moveable furnishing
  • Food and drinks on demand

Restaurant Buena Vista

A cosy restaurant for dining and socializing by Rauma canal. The extensive à la carte menu provides something for everyone. A small meeting room (max 20 persons) is available for private occasions and meetings.

Kuuskajaskari Meeting Facilities

The former garrison island of the Finnish Army offers exotic accommodation for those looking for a change of scenery. Kuuskajaskari Holiday and Fortress Island offers a unique milieu for meetings, parties, corporate events and get-togethers.

Facilities and equipment

  • Conference rooms 10–20 persons
  • Meeting rooms max. 50 persons
  • Auditorium max. 100 persons
  • Equipment for meetings: overhead projector, flip chart, Internet access, data projector
  • Sauna 1: approx. 15 persons
  • Sauna 2: approx. 10 persons
  • Restaurant Kasarmi max. 200 persons
Lounge of Byssa.

Byssa Lunch and Banquet Restaurant Meeting Facilities

Located in Sytytin Technology Centre, Byssa restaurant offers a varied lunch menu on weekdays. Modern meeting and conference rooms in the same building can be reserved.

Meeting and conference facilities

  • Priki meeting room: 8–12 persons
  • Fregatti meeting room: 25–35 persons
  • Kuunari (video conference room): max 14 persons
  • Parkki meeting room: 15–20 persons
  • Fregatti + Parkki + Priki combined: max 80–90 persons
  • Dining room (evenings and weekends): max 120 persons


  • Data projectors
  • Wireless sound system
  • Wlan access free of charge
Sailing ship Kathrina in Poroholma harbour.

Holiday Centre Poroholma Meeting Facilities

The five-star holiday centre offers a perfect setting for a holiday and for meetings.

Possibilities for organising a private event or meeting

  • Schooner Kathrina
    Max 60 persons (as a banquet facility at anchor)
    Max 80 persons (saling)
  • Tall Ship Brig Gerda
    Meeting facilities for 50 persons
    Accommodation for 21 persons
    Captain’s cabinet
Ravintola Amarillon terassialue kesällä.

Restaurant Amarillo Rauma

A Mexican style restaurant in Old Rauma offering great food, cool drinks and a laid-back atmosphere.

The restaurant’s meeting room is suitable for up to 30 people for small meetings and dinners.

Rauma Theatre and Theatre Restaurant Ankkuri Facilities

Rauma Theatre and Theatre Restaurant Ankkuri have great facilities for meetings and events in the city centre. Restaurant has room for about 100 people and theatre hall for about 170 people.

A band on stage in Kulttuurikuppila Brummi.

Kulttuurikuppila Brummi Facilities

Kulttuurikuppila Brummi is a different kind of option for parties and events. Professional sound, light and video equipment.

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