The map of Rauma is available in several formats. You can examine the map electronically (also on mobile), print the map of the city centre or order a traditional paper map straight home.

Electronic map service

Rauma town map service

Printable map

Printable city centre map (A4, PDF)

Mobile application

Rauma & region CITY-OPAS® travel map service is now available as a free mobile app. Finding  interesting service providers, their locations and contact information is easy with the application. The app is available in Finnish or in English and it complements the traditional map with its functional properties.

The app is easy to download and it does not use the network connection after the downloading, so you do not have to worry about mobile data fees. Users may, however, activate the network connection to browse the websites of different companies or to locate yourselves on the map. Services near the user are easily found with the ‘services nearby’ function. The free app is available for downloading on Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store.

Traditional paper map

Order a paper map from Rauma Tourist Information with the brochure order form.