Instead of a traditional guided tour, a themed tour or a tour with a character guide can be arranged. A theme or a character as a guide makes a traditional guided tour more interesting.

Themed tours

Business tycoon Alfred Kordelin

A sailor’s son Alfred Kordelin was born in Rauma to a poor household. He tried to do some business early on but failed. After learning from his hardships, he eventually became a major landowner, businessman and a patron.

The Kordelin-themed walking tour takes place in Old Rauma and during the tour we’ll learn about Alfred’s interesting life. Alfred Kordelin’s chapel and crypt are situated in Rauma’s old cemetery and they will be visited during the tour if the chapel’s schedule permits.

Walking tour’s duration is 1,5-2 hours and length approximately 2km.

Houses and their stories

Houses and their stories tour introduces the stories and tales of the buildings in Old Rauma and their former residents, while walking on the idyllic cobble stone streets.

The duration of the tour is 1,5 h and the length of the route is approximately 1 km.

In the footsteps of women in Old Rauma

Old Rauma walking tour that focuses on the tales of both influential and ordinary women.

Walking tour’s duration is 1,5 hours and length approximately 1km.

Graveyard tour

The graveyard tour is carried out at the old graveyard of Rauma (Kaunisjärvenkatu). During the tour, the group gets to know graves of well-known individuals from Rauma. The memorials of the graveyard are a part of the history of Rauma and tell the younger generations about the past. The tour includes a visit to Alfred Kordelin’s cemetery chapel, if possible.

Duration of the tour is 1,5 h.

Character guides

Character guide in Old Rauma

A character guide, wearing a suitable outfit for the character, introduces Old Rauma. The guide can be for example a wife of a sailor or a member of a noble family, with whom the group travels back in time to see the life in Old Rauma hundreds of years ago. The tour is both entertaining and informative.

Duration of the tour is 1,5 h.