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Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island, toughened by the sea and the wind, is right by the open sea. In spite of its rough characteristics, the island is full of life, especially during the nesting time of birds. Sea buckthorns colour the island orange in the late summer and in the autumn. Water buses run to the island daily in the summer.

The Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse was completed in 1953. The lighthouse was the last lighthouse in Finland built to have staff, and it acted as a pilot station as well. Nowadays the lighthouse is a tourist attraction.

The tower of the lighthouse is 36 metres above the sea level. The view of the open sea from the observation deck is breathtaking. The hotel rooms are located in the tower of the lighthouse and they offer a spectacular sea view. In addition to a hotel, the lighthouse island also houses a restaurant, a café, meeting facilities and a sauna.

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse is open daily in the summer when the water buses operate, and it is opened on request for groups in May and September. The lighthouse is closed in the winter.


For independent travellers

The calm Kylmäpihlaja leisure harbour is sheltered behind the breakwater. Stopping in Kylmäpihlaja for the day is free of charge for boaters. There is a barbeque shelter at visitors’ disposal.

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island is a popular destination for bird-watchers. There is a place for specifically bird-watching in the north-east corner of the island.

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