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Rauma region is a multifaceted destination and there is always hustle and bustle. Sea, rivers and lakes unite in the region and the region also offers many possibilities to wander in nature and visit cultural and historical sites. This page introduces briefly the towns in Rauma region. For more information, visit the websites of the towns.


– Life in town since 1442

A couple reading the map in Old Rauma.

Rauma is a city of the sparkling sea and two World Heritage Sites. Old and new at the same time, but above all original, Rauma is the favourite destination for travellers in every way. The secret behind the unique atmosphere in Rauma is the versatility – it’s a combination of layers of history and the present day.

Two of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Finland are located in Rauma: the charming Old Rauma with its wooden houses and the Bronze Age burial site of Sammallahdenmäki. The atmospheric town by the sea does not end to the seafront: the diverse archipelago offers stunning islands to visit. The freshness of the mild sea breeze and the sound of the waves relax the mind on a memorable trip in Rauma archipelago.

The strongest embodiment of the easygoing originality of Rauma is the local dialect, Rauma language – rauman giäl. The city of sea, culture and events welcomes the visitors uniquely: Ol niingon gotonas – Make yourself at home!

-Visit the welcoming Eura

Eura is a real treasury of prehistory. The roots of industrial history are deep in Eura: Kauttua region has had industrial activity for over 300 years. The industry in Kauttua Ironworks started with ironworks and has since created an interesting environment for industry and residence. The Kauttua Ironworks is one of the finest attractions of the Finnish industrial history. Nowadays the Ironworks area serves tourists, event organisers and local residents. More information about Ironworks

In Eura, you can find a versatile selection of unique art and jewellery, commodities inspired by prehistory and unique interior design art. Artists and artisans in Eura welcome you to visit their workrooms, exhibitions and shops.

– Energetic life

Vuojoki Mansion in Eurajoki.

Eurajoki is up to date: seven village schools, an upper secondary school, energetic businesses, historical tourism and art attractions. Visit for example Vuojoki mansion and the traditional Välimaa croft. The waters of the seaside town offer settings for relaxation and recreation.

– Events and activities by the lakeside nature

Säkylä offers visitors memorable experiences. Hike, fish and cycle. Pick berries and mushrooms. Take home more than just memories. The moment you arrive in Säkylä you will come across the pearl of southern Satakunta, lake Pyhäjärvi. For anyone interested in national defence and military history, there are several interesting attractions worth visiting. Köyliö in Säkylä is known for peasant Lalli, his wife Kerttu and Bishop Henrik.