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Alfred Kordelin Chapel

The Kordelin chapel, located at the old cemetery, was built and donated to the parish by the relatives of Alfred Kordelin. Alfred Kordelin, who was a respected tradesman and was given the honorary title of agricultural counsellor, was buried in Rauma and his grave and a memorial monument are located in the cellar of the chapel. The chapel was designed by architect Lars Sonck and it was completed in 1921.

Kaunisjärvenkatu 4, Rauma Tel. +358 2 8377 5290


Kitukränn, often cited as the narrowest street in Finland, runs between Kuninkaankatu and Kauppakatu. Along Kitukränn, you will find an old prohibition sign typeset in Fraktur.

Kodisjoki church in spring time.

Kodisjoki Church

The cross-shaped wooden church in Kodisjoki was built in 1906. It was designed by organist Johan Frederik Lindegren from Rauma. The church seats approximately 250 people. Soldier’s graves and monuments lie at the cemetery around the church.

Kodisjoentie 1445, Kodisjoki Tel. +358 2 8377 5290

Lappi Church

The church in Lappi was completed in 1760, and it is one of the oldest wooden churches in the region. The church seats approximately 650 people. The bell tower was originally built next to the stone wall of the cemetery, but was moved to the hill in the early 19th century. Lappi is located approximately 20 km from the centre of Rauma.

Kirkkotie 23, Lappi Tel. +358 2 8377 5290

Nokka Art Croft

Inspira ry, an art association in Rauma, organises several summer exhibitions every year by the sea in Nokka art croft.

Suvitie 10, Rauma Tel. +358 50 599 1511

The Ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity

The ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity are located by the Kalatori Square. The church was destroyed in a fire in 1640.

Chandelier and ceiling painting of the Church of the Holy Cross.

The Church of the Holy Cross

The Church of the Holy Cross in Old Rauma is the main church of Rauma parish. Around the time that the town was established, a Franciscan brotherhood built a monastery and a church in Rauma. The church was inaugurated in 1512. The Catholic monastery was later closed and the church became a Lutheran church, the Church of Holy Cross.

The medieval wall and arch paintings in the two-aisle grey granite church tell the whole Biblical history of salvation in short. The clock tower was built in 1816 and stones from the ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity were used to build it. The whitewashed tower has served as a landmark for the seafarers. The church seats approximately 800 people.

The Church of the Holy Cross is open daily. Check the opening hours.

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Garden plot of Rauma Seminar Garden.

Seminar Garden of Rauma

The Seminar Garden of the University of Turku’s Rauma campus is a great destination to visit. You will find hundreds of flowers, shrubs and trees from the garden. In the collection greenhouse has about 150 species.

The Seminar Garden actively serves students of the teacher training institute, students of Rauma Teacher Training School and other Rauma primary schools, and groups of children in kindergartens.

Satamakatu 5, Rauma Tel. +358 50 341 8007
Art house Ylen. Human figures at work.

Ylen Art House

Väinö and Hilma Ylen’s folklore art exhibition showcases over 500 plaster or concrete figures of humans and animals doing various everyday chores.

Kodisjoentie 1535, Kodisjoki Tel. +358 40 549 8749
Main building and gate of Old Rauma renovation centre Tammela.

Tammela of Old Rauma

Old Rauma Renovation Centre Tammela exhibits how culturally and historically significant timber buildings are renovated and maintained. Tammela also houses exhibitions on traditional construction and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Eteläpitkäkatu 17, Rauma Tel. +358 44 793 4775
Creative garden. Flowers around the tree.

Creative Garden

Green oasis in the middle of the city, where have a possibility to share and create experiences.

Alfredinkatu 1, Rauma
Keskustelupuiston penkki.


The park, implemented as the Lönnström project, is an open space for everyone to enjoy and relax in.

Kalliokatu 28–30, Rauma