Cafés and Lunch Restaurants

Café Käpälä

A cosy little café in the entrance hall of Rauma Main Library. The café is run by the Youth Workshop of the Town of Rauma.

Alfredinkatu 1, Rauma Tel. +358 40 172 9535

Rauman Puistokahvila

A cosy café in the peaceful Keskuspuisto park. The café bakes homemade buns and pastries daily. The majority of pastries are gluten-free. The focus is on high-quality and fresh ingredients and the café favors local products. Coffee is from Capri Coffee and ice cream from Karhulinna ice cream. Rauman Puistokahvila is also known for its tasty salads.

Valtakatu 2 B, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 8888
Café Prassen kahvilan hyllyllä on makeisia ja teevalikoimaa.

Café Prassen

The café in Old Rauma offers the sweet and savoury goodies of Prassen bakery.

Kuninkaankatu 16, Rauma Tel. +358 44 780 0125

Café Sali and Sali Lounge

A modern café situated ideally right by the market place. A rich salad buffet, delicious baked goods and coffees. Sali Lounge serves lunch on weekdays.

Kuninkaankatu 22, Rauma Tel. +358 10 423 3161

Jungle Juice Bar

Jungle Juice Bar is a Finnish company, which offers delicious smoothies and juices from fresh fruits, berries and vegetables. All smoothies and juices are made from scratch on-site and there is no added sugar or any additives.

Jungle Juice Bar’s summer bar will open 19.5.2022 in Rauma.

Tiihonen Café and Bakery

A small café near Otanlahti bay. The café serves a good selection of the products of the bakery.

Syväraumankatu 12, Rauma Tel. +358 40 450 6622

Kontio Bakery Café

In the Kontio bakery café situated in the bakery building, you can enjoy oven-fresh bread and other baked goods from early morning on. Bakery products can also be bought to take home.

Leikari 1, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 1422

Kontio Café

A traditional, idyllic café in the heart of Old Rauma. The heavenly vanilla doughnuts baked in the yard café in summer are famous throughout the country.

Kuninkaankatu 9, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 1758
Entrance of the restaurant Satamanportti.

Satamanportti Restaurant and Café

As the Finnish name Satamanportti (‘harbour gate’) suggest, the restaurant-café is situated at the gates of the Port of Rauma. The wide selection includes everything from delicious doughnuts to juicy steaks.

Hakunintie 28, Rauma Tel. +358 400 170 168

Pyörni Café and Gift Shop

The café and gift shop located in Lappi offers handicrafts by over a hundred artisans.

Sahamäentie 1, Lappi Tel. +358 40 596 2307
Lounge of Byssa.

Byssa Lunch and Banquet Restaurant

Located in Sytytin Technology Centre, restaurant Byssa offers a varied lunch menu on weekdays. Modern meeting and conference rooms in the restaurant are available for reservations.

Sinkokatu 11, Rauma Tel. +358 10 229 5229

Aura Lounge

At the lunch restaurant of Kivikylä Arena, you can enjoy a generous buffet in an athletic environment.

Nortamonkatu 23, Rauma Tel. +358 40 515 1063

Tullin Kaffe Lunch Café

A small lunch café in the heart of Old Rauma serving fresh coffee, tasty pastries and a daily changing lunch.

Kuninkaankatu 50, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 7678

Lunch Café Wanha Suvituuli

A café & lunch restaurant by Rauma canal, in Wänni shopping centre. The restaurant also offers take-away meals for busy workers.

Nortamonkatu 10, Rauma Tel. +358 2 823 5870

Restaurant Osteria da Filippo

Authentic Italian food prepared from fresh, local ingredients. Delicious pizza, fresh pasta, salads and focaccia breads.

Isokirkkokatu 9, Rauma Tel. +358 44 243 9711

Restaurant Pinja

Restaurant Pinja offers tasty lunches made of fresh ingredients.

Kairakatu 5, Rauma Tel. +358 2 822 8891
Beach house in Poroholma at the beach. People on the sand.

Poroholman Rantatalo

Pizzeria, hamburger restaurant and a café with impressive views to the sea.

Suvitie, Rauma Tel. +358 2 533 5522

Presso Prisma

Located in Prisma supermarket, Presso offers baked goods, bread rolls and tasty lunches.

Porintie 4, Rauma Tel. +358 2 8330 330

Presso Äyhö

Located in S-Market Äyhö supermarket, Presso offers baked goods, bread rolls and tasty lunches.

Äyhönjärventie 1, Rauma Tel. +358 2 833 0270


At Rauma marketplace, in the middle of the Old Town, you can enjoy a delightful cup of coffee the way many locals do it – standing by Pystökaffe coffee stall, very early in the morning!

Isokirkkokatu 7, Rauma

Wanhan Rauman Jäätelökauppa

Ice cream shop and café Wanhan Rauman Jäätelökauppa in the Old Rauma serves famous Minetti ice creams and delicious coffees.

Savilankatu 6, Rauma Tel. +358 40 673 2299
Summer terrace of Ruormies in Poroholma.

Ruormies Bar & Café

The sunny terrace of Ruormies Bar & Café in Poroholma holiday centre is a great place to relax with friends in summer. Enjoy snacks and drinks while admiring the beautiful view of the sea. In the event of rain, the glazed terrace saves the day. Summer café.

Poroholmantie 8, Rauma Tel. +358 2 533 5522

Suvitien Merijakamo

Situated at Syväraumanlahti guest harbour, Suvitien Merijakamo offers, among other things, a grill, a kiosk, a café and a nice seaside terrace.

Suvitie 14, Rauma Tel. +358 40 563 3432
Terrace of the Theatre Restaurant Ankkuri.

Ankkuri Theatre Restaurant

Restaurant Ankkuri is located in the same building with Rauma Theatre by the canal. It serves excellent lunch on weekdays. Local food Lapskoussi is also included in the menu.


Alfredinkatu 2, Rauma Tel. +358 44 099 6799
Restaurant Sydvest inside.

Restaurant Sydvest

Restaurant Sydvest is a bistro and gastropub in the idyllic Old Rauma.

Kuninkaankatu 6, Rauma Tel. +358 2 823 3382
Aurinkoinen näkymä Rauman vesitornista merellä päin.

Restaurant Rauman Torni

Restaurant Rauman Torni is located 66,5 meters above the sea level in Rauma water tower. From there is magnificent view over the whole city centre. Restaurant’s kitchen uses local produced quality ingredients. Lunch is available from Monday to Friday.

Rauman Torni is also a great place for meetings and other private events. Meeting facilities are for 40 people.

Vesitornintie 2, Rauma Tel. +358 41 314 6182

Wanhan Rauman KaffeBar

The idyllic and cosy café in the heart of Old Rauma is open daily and offers delicious treats, both sweet and savoury.

Kuninkaankatu 27, Rauma Tel. +358 44 982 1225


An outside café in the very heart of Old Rauma, at the market place.

Kauppakatu 13, Rauma Tel. +358 40 824 6400


Lappi-Tupa is a café and a shop in Lappi village in Rauma. Lappi-Tupa sells and exhibits the honey selection of Lappi-Hunaja (Polar-Honey Finland), and customers have an opportunity to taste different kinds of honeys.

Sahamäentie 26, Rauma Tel. +358 50 311 0780


Pizzeria Kotipizza is located in Old Rauma. Pizzeria opened its doors in spring 2019.

Kuninkaankatu 5, Rauma Tel. +358 50 476 8913

Pizzeria Tota Tota Nam Nam

Kebab-pizzeria in the Market place, Old Rauma.

Vähäkirkkokatu 10, Rauma Tel. +358 2 536 6978