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Bobbin lace

Rauma is a unique lace city, so during your stay in Rauma it is worth seeing the splendid bobbin laces. It is possible to see lace in lace exhibitions, you can follow bobbin lace making, and buy lace and lace making equipment for souvenirs or for yourself.

Lace tablecloths

You can find lace from the following places:

  • Old Town Hall (Kauppakatu 13) has lace-making equipments on display and a possibility to try lace-making. There is also a museum shop Kistupuad at the Old Town Hall where you can find, for example, different lace products.
  • In Lace makers association’s lace shop Pits-Priia (Kauppakatu 29), there are beautiful lace products on display. Usually there is also a bobbin lace maker who can tell more about bobbin lace making. From the shop you can buy different lace products, models needed in bobbin lace making, threads, etc.
  • Rauma Lace Week is held in July. During that week, you can familiarize yourself with several different lace exhibitions. More information about the exhibitions and the whole Lace Week program.

Rauma dialect – “Rauman giäl”

There is no precise information about the origins of Rauma dialect, but thanks to seamen who brought influences to the port, the dialect has a lot of vocabulary from many different languages. One of the characteristics of the dialect is to cut the words at the end.

“Rauman giäl” still lives in many big and small details. You can see Rauma dialect, for example, in the signs in the city area, or you might hear the elderly locals talking it at the market place when having their morning coffee.


A traditional Finnish wood-heated sauna in Old Rauma for 8 persons maximum. This traditional sauna is especially suitable for foreign couples, and for other small groups. The price of sauna in the early evening is 14 €/person + a charge of towels if you do not bring your own towels.

For more information, contact Rauma Tourist Information.