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Lapskoussi – lobscouse casserole

Lapskoussi is a traditional food in Rauma, and it has arrived here with seamen. The dish is also known in other European ports. The secret of lobscouse is slowly cooked tender meat, vegetables, and seasoning. Also children like lapskoussi!

You can have lapskoussi in the following restaurants in Rauma:

  • Theatre restaurant Ankkuri (Alfredinkatu 2), in summertime on weekdays during lunchtime at 10.45–14.00.
  • Restaurant Savila (Vanhankirkonkatu 1), on Fridays during lunchtime at 10.30–17.00.
  • Restaurant Villa-Tallbo (Petäjäksentie 178), on Wednesdays during lunchtime at 11.00–14.00.
  • Restaurant Mr. Jones (Valtakatu 5), lapskoussi available every day. Mr. Jones is open Mon-Fri 16.00–22.00 (kitchen 21.30), Sat 13.00–23.00 (kitchen 22.00), Sun 14.00–21.00 (kitchen 20.00).

Rauma gingerbread

Rauma biscuits in a bowl.

Rauman pipari – Rauma gingerbread is a small sweet delicacy which tastes good with coffee.

You can find Rauma gingerbreads in the following cafes:

  • Kontio Café in Old Rauma (Kuninkaankatu 9) and Kontio bakery cafe (Karjalankatu 3). It is also possible to buy the gingerbreads in a gift box as a souvenir.
  • Café Prassen (Kuninkaankatu 16).

Vanilla doughnuts

Kontio’s widely known vanilla doughnuts melt in the mouth. The doughnuts are baked in summer at the inner courtyard of Kontio Café in Old Rauma, so they will surely be fresh. Kontio Café in Old Rauma (Kuninkaankatu 9) is open Mon-Fri 7.30–17.30, on Sat 8.00–15.00, and on Sun 11.00–16.00.