Sauna facilities

Sauna of the Hotel Kalliohovi.

Hotel Kalliohovi’s saunas

Hotel Kalliohovi has two saunas of different sizes. The larger sauna can accommodate 20 persons and the smaller 10. Different sauna packages can be ordered for sauna evenings.

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse and its reflection from the water.

Lighthouse island Kylmäpihlaja’s sauna

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island has a possibility to go to the lighthouse’s sauna or a separate wooden mini sauna. The wooden mini sauna can accommodate 4 persons at the most; the lighthouse’s sauna has room for approximately 15 persons. There is also a possibility to relax in a hot tub. You can enjoy the refreshing beverages of the lighthouse’s restaurant while relaxing in their sauna, while at the mini sauna you may bring your own food and drinks.


Kuuskajaskari fortress island’s saunas

Kuuskajaskari fortress island has two saunas built for the army in the 1950s, which were renovated in 2014. Sauna 1 is a former crew sauna with an oil-heated sauna stove and has room for approximately 15 persons. Sauna 2 is a former officer sauna with an electrically heated sauna stove and room to accommodate up to 10 persons. Sauna 2 has also public sauna shifts during summer. You may bring your own food and drinks to the sauna area, but it is also possible to order catering while making a sauna reservation.

Merikylpylä saunas

Located in the fabulous headland of Fåfänga, Merikylpylä saunas offer opportunities for relaxing on public or private sauna shifts. There are three different saunas in the spa; a large, small and a log sauna. The large sauna can accommodate up to 20 people. The small sauna and log sauna can accommodate up to 6 persons at a time. You may bring your own food and drinks to the premises.


Kalamaja cottage in Nurmes.

Kalamaja’s saunas in Nurmes island

Kalamaja offers diverse opportunities in the nature and at the sea, as well as experiences with fishing. The cabin of Kalamaja, which is equipped with a kitchen, has a traditional wood-heated sauna, for max. 20 people. The sauna has a wood-heated hot water stove for washing. Kalamaja also has a smoke sauna, a beach and a hot tub. The area has compost privies. It is possible to bring your own food and drinks to the premises, but it is also possible to order sauna packages with transport while making a reservation.


Helmiranta Sauna

There are three saunas with a sea view in Helmiranta. From the saunas you can cool off on the terrace or relax in a hot tub. There is also a possibility to swim from the sauna area and in the winter there is a possibility for ice swimming. The club’s VIP sauna can accommodate up to 16 persons whereas Hirsisauna and the new beach Sauna can uphold up to 8 sauna goers. The lounge area can accommodate little more visitors. Catering can be ordered alongside the reservation.

Äijänsuo hockey stadium’s sauna lodge

This Narvi sauna box can accommodate a group of 15 persons and appr. 10 in the sauna. You can follow a game of Rauma ice hockey team Lukko either from the balcony or from the sauna. Wood-paneled walls in the back room creates a wonderful sauna atmosphere to the hockey stadium. You can order food to accompany the beverages when you reserve the box.

Aarnkari’s booking sauna

Roomy sauna for max 20 people, a possibility to swim, and a hot tub. Groups of less than 20 people can have their meals in sauna cabinet. Towels and drinks will be waiting for you in the dressing rooms. Availability to swim all through year. Open sea swimming during the winter season.

Sauna of Fåfänga pavilion

Sauna facilities by the sea in the fabulous Fåfänga peninsula. The sauna can accommodate approximately ten persons. The jacuzzis on the porch ensure privacy and sunbathing at the same time. The meeting room next to the sauna can accommodate up to ten persons. Catering can be ordered alongside the reservation from Merijakamo.

Juhla-Tallbo Sauna

Juhla-Tallbo sauna facilities are located by the sea on the Petäjäksentie. The spacious sauna can accommodate about 15-20 people. Sauna goers can enjoy a dip in the hot tub on a cozy porch. Catering for sauna evenings can be ordered from Villa-Tallbo restaurant.

Sauna of Gerda.

Tall Ship Brig Gerda’s sauna

Brig Gerda is Finland’s largest seaworthy sailing ship and additionally the only square-rigged sailing ship in Finland. The ship is anchored in the harbor of Poroholma Camping. Gerda’s sauna is suitable for six persons. Captain’s cabinet can accommodate ten persons. There is also a swimming pier. You may bring your own food and drinks to the premises.

Please note! The Poroholma Camping is not responsible for Gerda’s activities and therefore does not take reservations or inquiries regarding Gerda.

Linnanpiha Bed and breakfast Messi sauna.

Linnanpiha ‘Messi’ Sauna

Located in the courtyard of Hotel Raumanlinna, completely renovated sauna has room for 20-25 people. Food can be ordered from the restaurant Kapteeninhuone or you may bring your own food and drinks to the premises. There are no towels in the sauna. The premises have to be empty by midnight.

Sign to Restaurant Etappi 22.

Etappi *22* Sauna

In this spacious sauna (max. 10 people), located in Satamakatu, can relax and spend an evening in the sauna cabinet (up to 15 people). For larger groups the other premises of Etappi 22 are recommended. You can order food and servings with your sauna reservation, but you may also bring your own drinks to the sauna cabinet.


Latumaja Sauna

A modest yard sauna in the middle of a beautiful forest landscape on Tiilivuori. The sauna can accommodate up to 5 people. Cold water is available in the sauna and hot water stove is used to heat washing water. You may bring your own food and drinks to the premises.

Noitajärven rantasauna ja hiekkaranta.

Rauma city lakeside / seaside saunas

The city of Rauma has seven lakeside/ seaside saunas and they are open for public from June to August. In addition, these saunas are available for rent from 1.5.-30.9., except for the Tenhonperä sauna. The saunas of Lappi and Kaljasjärvi can be rented throughout the year. You may bring your own drinks and food to the premises.

Kaaro Sauna

This sauna has a cottage/mini kitchen + sauna and two dressing rooms. The cottage has 16 tables and basic warming with air source heat pump; additional heat is available with a wood burning stove. Tableware is available for approximately 20 persons. Restricted 20+. You may bring your own drinks and food to the premises.


The communal seaside sauna at Syväraumanlahti. The mixed sauna is spacious, and it can accommodate approximately 40-50 bathers at a time. There are separate dressing and shower rooms for women and men. Beverages can be bought from the cashier. There is a spacious jacuzzi and a hot tub on the terrace (available on request) and from the dock you can go to swim. During the winter time, there is a hole in the ice for winter swimming.

Sauna of Hakkarainen

This sauna is located in the woods of Uotila. There is a spacious sauna section (for approx. 8 persons) in the renovated and atmospheric festive room. There is also a pool table in the sauna department. You may bring your own drinks and food to the premises. There is a covered terrace with a hot tub.

Sauna of the Ooperi Banquet and Sports House

On the lower floor of the Ooperi, there are two sauna facilities with dressing rooms and showers. One sauna is suitable for around 15 persons. The renting of the sauna facilities can also be combined with renting the floor downstairs, which has direct access to the saunas. You may bring your own food and drinks to the premises.

Pyykkallio Sauna

Pyykkallio sauna is located by the Lake of Kaljasjärvi in Kodisjoki. The building has a kitchen with fireplace, three beds, sauna and a dressing room.  Swimming is possible at the Lake of Kaljasjärvi. Approximately 5-8 bathers can be in the sauna at once. You may bring your own food and drinks to the premises.

Pyörä-Nurmi VIP-Lounge Sauna

Shopping center “Potkur” has a stylish sauna for 6 persons in Pyörä-Nurmi shop’s agency premise. The premises have their own dressing and washing facilities, lounge area and a kitchen area. The VIP-Lounge has a own separate entrance from Pakkahuoneenkatu. The premises also have a RAY poker game and the old jukebox, both functioning with former Finnish currency, markka. You may bring your own food and drinks to the premises.

Reksaari Sauna

Karttu estate’s Wanha Sauna in the archipelago offers an experience in a log sauna. Approximately 10 persons can be accommodated at a time. The sauna building was built already in 1895 and offers a relaxing and atmospheric experience for a summer evening. A newer renovated sauna can be booked within the framework of Reksaari agency. This sauna can accommodate up to 5 persons. You may bring your own food and drinks to the saunas, but it is also possible to order sauna packages with transport when making a reservation.

Swimming pool of the Johtola sauna.

Johtola Sauna

This unique milieu has the atmosphere of cartridge time. The sauna can accommodate up to 10 persons. The sauna also has a large swimming pool. Sauna catering can be ordered when making a sauna reservation.

Tiilivuori cottage Sauna

Tiilivuori cottage has many opportunities and accommodation for approximately 50 persons. In addition there is a spacious kitchen with amenities and tableware for 50 persons. The sauna benches have room for max 15 persons at a time. There is one washroom and dressing room. The Tiilivuori cottage has good road connections and there is a spacious car park in the yard. You may bring your own food and drinks to the premises.

Villa Rientola Sauna

This spectacular seaside villa was already built in 1892 and has been restored to a new faith in 2019. The villa itself has room for over 50 people and can accommodate up to 15 sauna bathers at a time. In addition to a large steam room, the sauna building also has a dressing room, indoor toilet and a washroom. The building has a large terrace overlooking the sea. By the shore there is a dock with stairs to the sea, and enough water to dock a boat for landing. You may bring your own food and drinks to the premises.