Summer in The Art Museum

Rauman taidemuseo ja Hauenguanon kaivo.

This summer, two exhibitions will be seen in the courtyard of the Rauma Art Museum, to which entry is free. Both exhibitions are on display until 9.8.2020.

Sanna Saarinen’s Opposite / Side by Side exhibition celebrates the 25th anniversary as an artist. The exhibition can be seen in the art museum’s magazine and stable in the museum’s courtyard. The exhibition deals with encountering difference and finding similarities. There are bird sculptures on display that depict people striving from different backgrounds. The multi-part, colorful textile work, on the other hand, reflects human nuances and personality. The textile work discusses with a work built of old roofing sheets in the same space, the sheet metal work reflects the impact of history and experiences on our own worldview.

Animal sculptures by Ilona Tala from Huittinen can also be seen in the lawn area of ​​the Art Museum’s courtyard. The sculptures correspond to animals of almost the right size. The sculptures, reminiscent of 3D modeling, are made of metal and are partially transparent.

– I have sought to ensure that transparency reminds us of the transience. And that is why the subject of my art is often animals, through which I try to describe our relationship with nature and different feelings, Tala says.

The works are colorful, creating a contrast to the material used. With colors, the artist also depicts and emphasizes the atmosphere of the works.

KaffeBar pop-up Ilona

The pop-up café Ilona of Wanha Rauma’s KaffeBar will open in the idyllic courtyard of the Rauma Art Museum on Wednesday 1 July. at 10 a.m. The pop-up café is named after the artist Ilona Tala, whose summer exhibition can be viewed during coffee breaks.


The Showcase exhibition, which is part of the art museum’s 50th anniversary program, starts on June 25, 2020 at the Rauma Art Museum. The large-sized display case, located in the lobby and museum shop of the Art Museum, serves as a venue for changing exhibitions during the anniversary year. The purpose of the showcase exhibition is to present local art alongside the museum’s changing exhibitions. The Showcase exhibition series consists of four exhibitions whose artists were selected through an open search at the beginning of the year. Marko Mertala, Mari Aspola & Maija Esko, Kirsi Kuusisto and Rose-Mari Torpo were selected as artists. Marko Mertala will start the Showcase exhibition series on June 25, 2020. His exhibition consists of stone figures made of Satakunta red sandstone.

There are two main exhibitions inside the Rauma Art Museum; Abandoned village and Kannas. The main exhibitions are on display until 9.8.2020.