Many different events are organized in Rauma in this week

Nuoret katusoittajat Kuninkaankadulla puhallinsoittimien kanssa.

This week is full of different kind of events, even if the main Lace Week public events are cancelled. Here is some picks:

  • Old Rauma Open Yards and Flea Markets 18.-26.7. The goal of the event is to offer locals, tourists and anyone interested the opportunity to get to know courtyards of Old Rauma and the way of life in this unique area. You can pop into the yard to explore if the gate has the sign and the gate is open.
  • Rakastunut Raumaan community organizes the Evening gatherings in the Market place in Old Rauma on Friday 24.7. at 16-22. Event is for everyone and it is free of charge.
  • Evening market on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Flea market on Sundays in the Market place.
  • Old Rauma summer yard (Savilankatu) is full of music: 22.7. at 18-23 Kehä, 23.7. at 20-23 Salla Flinkman and 24.7. at 18-23 Maustetytöt.
  • Music with beautiful sea view in Suvitien Merijakamo (Suvitie 14): 22.7. Anneli Mattila, 25.7. Hovimuusikko Ilkka ja Aste.
  • Lace exhibition by Nyplääjät ry Association 15.-31.7. in Nortamonkatu 9. Exhibition is open daily at 11-16.
  • Lace and national costume exhibition by Pitsikeskus Emelia and Kalevalaiset Naiset 18.-25.7. in Culture house Poselli (Nortamonkatu 12). Exhibiton is open Mon-Fri 10-18 and Sat-Sun 10-15.

More events in Rauma event calendar. 

Lace Week Live 24.7.

Lace Week Live – nine festival days in nine hours. Lace Week Live is a online stream, which brings the Lace Week’s versatile programme to your home. You can watch the Lace Week Live from the City of Rauma’s YouTube channel on Friday 24.7. at 15.00-24.00.