Life at Marela – a new exhibition in Marela Museum

Marela ship owner´s home museum outside.

Shipowner’s home museum Marela first opened its doors 40 years ago. To celebrate of the 40-year journey Marela is opening a new exhibition. The exhibition opens on Friday 13.5.2022. This celebratory exhibition displays the lives of different people who have lived in Marela over the years. In addition to the exhibition in Marela, an online exhibition displaying the history of the Marela property is going to be releasing at the same time. The online exhibition displays the history through photographs and written text.

Marela is a home museum of merchant and shipowner families. The City of Rauma bought the Marela property from the owners in 1978. The city was willing to transform Marela into a home museum from early on. The museum opening was 17.4.1982.

For this exhibition, the museum has interviewed people who had been living or working in Marela. They have collected a great amount of new information especially from 1940’s to 1970’s about what living in Marela was back then.