Light and sound art work in Kitukränn on display 26.11.-26.12.

Kitukränn – the smallest Christmas street in Finland is a light and sound art work in Old Rauma. The art work is on display every day from 26.11. to 26.12. at 15.00–22.00.

The art work is designed by artist Jaakko Niemelä from Rauma. His central element in his works is light. Niemelä is interested in the combination of natural light and artificial light, as well as shadows and darkness.

The art work is made of five fake windows attached to the walls of the houses along Kitukränn. The fake windows are projected with light. The sound of the work includes the sounds of the home and children’s stories about the windows and the things that happen behind them.

– I wanted to keep the art work simple and black and white, so it fits perfectly against the colourful Old Rauma buildings and other Christmas lights, artist Jaakko Niemelä tells.

Kitukränn – the smallest Christmas street in Finland was on display for the first time in Christmas 2021.