Winding Thread

You will need about three times the length of the finished lace per bobbin, and double that for a pair of bobbins. Wind the whole amount needed onto one bobbin, and then wind half of that onto the other bobbin. This makes a bobbin pair. Use a knot to prevent the yarn from coming out of the bobbin. The yarn can be wound by hand, with a helping thread or with a winding machine.

Wind the thread onto the bobbin by hand a few turns in a criss-cross pattern. Wind the thread so that it goes from the top of the bobbin towards the bottom, away from yourself. The yarn is correctly wound into pairs when the bobbins are placed on a table, the yarn on the right-hand side comes from the bottom and the yarn on the left-hand side comes across the top.

Bobbins on the pillow.
Winding thread.
Knotting and releasing thread.

Threading With a Helping Thread

For the helping thread you will need a thread that is strong enough to withstand tension, such as extra strenght thread. Attach one end of the helping thread to a sturdy object, such as a table or door handle. At the other end, you can either make a small loop to fit your finger through, or attach an object, such as a button, that makes it easy to keep the thread tight. Twist the lace thread crosswise on the bobbin a few times.

Hold the helping thread in your left hand and the bobbin in your right. Twist the helping thread once around the bobbin so that the bobbin can move back and forth along the helping thread. Hold the lace thread between the thumb and index finger of your left hand to guide and tighten the thread. Hold the bobbin crosswise to the helping thread.

When pushing the bobbin away from yourself, hold the bobbin by the handle so that it moves along the helping thread, but does not rotate. When pulling towards yourself, allow the bobbin to rotate along the helping thread, causing the lace thread to rotate on the bobbin. This movement is repeated until there is enough thread.

Knotting and Releasing Thread

A knot in the thread prevents the thread from unravelling from the bobbin. To make the knot, hold the bobbin in your right hand and the thread in your left. Bring the bobbin horizontally on top of the thread, and put the bobbin through the created loop. Carefully tighten. When releasing the thread, take the bobbin horizontally in your hand and twist away from yourself. A visual guide is provided buy the picture below and the video above.

A drawing of the knot.