Preparing the Mynsteri

To make lace, you need a mynsteri (lace pattern) with holes and outlines. The holes are where the pins are placed and the lines show the path of the thread pairs in the lace.

Mynsteri of the practice excercise.

To Make a Mynsteri You Need

  • Raumalace, printable patterns (pdf file, 35 kb) or Spindelnatto (pdf file, 285 kb)
  • Print the models at 100% size
  • Electrical insulation paper (prespan or other strong and tough cardboard)
  • Pricking tool
  • Pricking pad
  • a water proof, 0,1mm fine line marker pen
Mynsteri pricking and drawing.
Attaching the mynsteri to the roller.

Mynsteri pricking

Use pins to attach the prespan cardboard and printed pattern to the pricking pad. Punch the holes in the cardboard exactly according to the template, vertically. A hole is the correct size when it is made with a pricking tool with the same size needle as the pins used in the project. Draw the lines according to the printed pattern. When making lace, the hole is easier to see when the line is not drawn all the way through the hole.

Drawing lines on the mynsteri.