Thread Extension

If you run out or break the thread and need to continue, tie a knot as shown in the video. If there is a knot in the yarn coming off the reel (from the bobbin), fix it by cutting the knot out and making a new knot according to the instructions in the video. If the thread breaks right at the root of the needle, untie enough of the lace so that you can tie a knot to continue the thread.

To make the knot as invisible as possible, align it right at the root of the needle. However, to show you how to tie the knot, it is not tied at the root of the needle in the video. Lift the thread ends up over the lace and at the end of the work finish them off with a needle.

On the thread coming from the bobbin, make a slip knot just like you would at the start of crocheting. insert the end of the thread from the work into the loop of the knot and hold on to the end of the thread. First tighten from the thread coming from the bobbin and then both sides of the knot. The thread coming from the work is not tightened. Ensure the knot is secure by gently pulling on the bobbin.