In Finland, the most common method of lace making is on a semi-circular lace-making pillow with a roller in the hole on the straight side. On newer pads, the roller can be set horizontally or vertically. This makes it easier to make lace for a corner, for example on linens. The pillow is filled with superlon and covered with fabric.

Place the lace-making pillow at a height where you can sit upright without lifting your shoulders, with your arms at an angle of about 90 degrees. A towel is a good aid when lace-making. When you make lace, your bobbins are on the towel, and when you fold the bottom of the towel in two at the end of the lace-making, your bobbles stay in order.

The roller on the pillow is tightly filled with different qualities of fabric and covered with a piece of fabric. A mynsteri (lace pattern) is attached to the roll.