The ends of the threads are fastened with Impi’s knot. The knot was developed by the lace maker Impi Alanko in Rauma in the 1980s. She developed the knot in order to make the lace end as unnoticeable as possible. Below are instructions for making Impi’s knot, step by step.

1. Start by tying the knot on the second pair of the inner edge. In a reef knot, one thread stays up (a), the other down (b). Slip the yarn that is left down into the needle. Slip the needle under the knot to the top left.

2. Pull the thread from under the knot and tighten.

3. Make a loop above the knot, insert the needle under at least one lace thread.
You can choose any of the threads at the base of the knot.

4. The second thread of the reef knot is tightened into the loop.

5. Hold the knot tightly between your index finger and thumb when tightening the thread to keep the lace in shape.
(In the picture, the index finger is under the fabric for technical reasons.)

6. Make two stitches next to the knot. Make the first stitch and tighten.

7. Make another stitch next to the previous one and tighten.

8. Cut off the loose threads.

Impi’s knot