A few different materials and tools are needed to attach the lace to the fabric. The fabric should be 100% linen, the same colour as the lace, with a density of about 10 threads/cm.


These instructions are translated from the video below, so follow along to the visual guide to get the best results.

Measure out in this case the opening of the spindelnatto from one inner border to the other. It should be about 10 cm. Add 3 cm to the measure of the opening, so a 1,5 cm seam allowance. Cut a square that has a side of about 13 cm. Set the fabric on the tablewith the right side up, and on top of it the lace with the right side up. On the other side of the lace are the fastened off knots. Pin the lace to the fabric, leave about a 1,5 cm seam allowance on all sides. Make sure that the opening is as wide in both directions.

Thread onto the needle the same thread you used for the lace. Start sewing about 2 cm from a corner. The stitch is sewn from right to left. Attach the lace to the fabric by taking one thread of the fabric and sewing around the border of the lace. The lenght of the stitch is about 3 mm. Make sure you’re not sewing in excess lace, so that the opening stays the same size. Here you see the first thread from the other side. The stitches are attached to the same thread of fabric the whole way through. The lenght of the stitch is about 3 mm. At the corners, make two stitches into the same hole. Turn to the next side. Before sewing the last side, add a pin on the beginning side, so that the lace stays straight. And the last side also follows only one thread of fabric.

Fold the seam allowance underneath the fabric, following the thread that the lace is sewn onto. Make a sharp crease onto the fabric. Cut off the corners. Leave about a 5 mm seam allowance. Fold in the edges and attach with pins. Sew the border again with blanket stitches. The height of the blenket stitch is two sthreads of the fabric. The stitch is sewn from left to right. Make five stitches in each corner. When the Blanket stitches have been sewn, the excess fabric is cut off. Push the excess fabric up with your finger to make cutting easier. Cut off the excess seam allowance from the other side of the work, as close to the blanket stitches as possible.

Attaching lace to fabric