Rauma canal during summer.

The most observant have noticed that the canal in front of the city hall is emptier than usual. Kerttu Horila’s famous artworks “Kolme Sulotarta” and “Sammakkoprinssi” are missing from their usual spot in the Rauma Canal this summer. The reason for this is the dredging of the canal.

Preparations for the suction dredging of the Rauma Canal are currently underway, with the actual dredging set to begin in the coming days. The geotube storage field has been completed, and the welding and installation of the suction dredging pipeline began on Monday, June 24th. Before the dredging starts, the suction pipe will be installed along the entire length of over a kilometer to the disposal field. The disposal field is located in Kanalinpuisto, west of the small boat harbor along the canal.

The suction dredging will start near Vänni Bridge and progress to Fyyri Bridge over the summer. No dredging will take place during Lace Week from July 20th to 28th. The dredging work will be completed by early September, as it cannot be done during the trout migration or spawning periods from April 1st to June 15th and from September 1st to October 31st. Next year, the remaining section up to Vähämaanpuisto Bridge will be completed.