Planning for the Lace City Christmas 2024 is underway.
The Lace City Christmas will be celebrated in Rauma again from November 23, 2024, to January 6, 2025.
The Lace City Christmas is built together, so we encourage enthusiastic participants to sign up early.

Our mission is to make the Lace Towm Christmas the most renowned and beautiful Christmas in Finland. Our vision is for the entire city to achieve this together.

The Lace Town Christmas

The Christmas City -project is a five-year initiative. Its goal is to enhance Rauma’s recognition as a Christmas city, gain visibility nationally and internationally, and attract more tourists to Rauma throughout the year.

Rauma is a city where skilled and whimsical Christmas elves reside. The elves invite people to join in the magic of the Lace City Christmas. Rauma’s Christmas is enriched by numerous intriguing events and a unified Christmas spirit, featuring fairytale-like houses, atmospheric snowflakes, and playful elves.

On this page, you can explore the enchanting Christmas story of the Lace City and its background materials, intended to inspire local stakeholders and serve as a starting point for their creativity. The visual style and ideas within the material are free to be embraced and creatively advanced in your own endeavors.

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Marketing materials