The Christmas story

A person dressed in christmas themed clothing holding a lantern in their hand in Old Rauma

A long time ago, a group of particularly charismatic and skillful Christmas elves arrived in the port of Rauma after sailing the seas as stowaways. These elves came from a family known for their lace making skills. They will always seize the opportunity to decorate and dress up, both in everyday life and for festivities. The elves love everything that is beautiful, atmospheric and delicious. Beauty is in the details and in the craft itself, they say. That’s why they came to Rauma.

These soft-hearted elves were won over as soon as they set eyes on the town. They understood immediately why Rauma was named after a melting winter stream, so refreshing was their experience after a long voyage at sea. And so they decided to stay.

With their keen elf eyes they were able to envision how the town could be made more beautiful in years to come, and how much joy and comfort it could offer to its people. Pastel-coloured houses would be built to decorate the town’s streets. The light would be more beautiful here than anywhere else, becoming works of art on different surfaces for people to admire. Rauma would be the most beautiful Christmas town in Finland, with its own special Christmas atmosphere. It would be known as the Christmas in Lace Town.

The elves lived for centuries in the attics, cellars and other secret places of Rauma. They took care of the town and became rooted in their new home. Their family tree is vast, with local houses and lace types appearing in family names. According to the locals, the elves have made their mark on the unique dialect which the area is known for. They often have their small elf hands in town affairs. Some of these sea-faring elves were quite mischievous, so Rauma has seen its share of pranks and jests over the years. These creatures may have soft hearts but they always have a twinkle in their eye.

We are always eager to see what they are up to next. What could it be this time?