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The Bothnian Sea National Park was established to protect underwater nature, preserve the natural and cultural heritage, as well as for general nature recreation, education, research and monitoring of environmental changes.

With an area of over 90 000 hectares, the Selkämeri National Park is Finland’s largest protected area in the Baltic Sea and one of the best preserved marine areas on the Finnish coast. It was the first national park to protect water areas and the seabed in its own right, with more than 98% of its area being water.

Waves hitting the cliffs of Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island as seen from the cliffs
Lampaita Reksaaressa

Discover the diverse marine life and enjoy hiking in the stunning scenery of the national park

The Bothnian Sea National Park is located on the coast of south-west Finland. It stretches in a south-north direction for about 150 kilometres over eight municipalities from Kustavi to Merikarvia, with the towns of Uusikaupunki, Rauma and Pori and the municipalities of Pyhäranta, Eurajoki and Luvia in between.

The western part of Kylmäpihlaja and Kuuskajaskari and other smaller islands and water areas owned by the City of Rauma were added to the national park in 2015.

The area of the Bothnian Sea National Park is known for its valuable underwater environment and diverse birdlife. The islands of the Bothnian Sea are constantly changing as a result of land uplift, creating a unique destination for nature lovers. Take a trip to the national park from the harbours along the Bothnian coast and head to the lighthouse islands or admire the scenery on a nature hike.