Responsibility is a value that we maintain in Rauma tourism. The different aspects of responsibility are also visible in the Christmas celebrations of the Lace Town. You can read more about the areas of responsible tourism (Visit Finland Responsible tourism). We want to make Rauma an attractive and year-round destination. By creating sustainable and responsible events, we enable the prerequisites for life for future generations as well.

Ekological sustainability

We recycle the same Christmas lights and decorations from previous years.

The lighting is carried out responsibly and thoughtfully. The city’s Christmas lights are powered by LED technology, which consumes little energy. Rauma aims for carbon neutrality by 2030. The display times and installations of the lighting and artworks are designed to cause as little disturbance as possible to the residents of the area. The lighting is designed to suit its environment.

We will do our best to ensure that the culturally valuable World Heritage Site of Old Rauma remains clean and litter-free throughout Christmas.

Social responsibility

Joulukalenteri-ikkuna nro. 19 punaisessa talossa valkokarminen ikkuna jossa somistuksia.

We employ local associations and young people to organise Christmas. We cooperate with local educational institutions. We want Rauma Christmas to be made together, with the help of all city residents. By participating in Christmas events, you support local future experts, young Rauma residents.

A great example of a communal Christmas tradition is the residents’ advent calendar windows in Old Rauma. Local choirs, singing groups, orchestras and dance groups perform in Joulevangeeljum and volunteer to produce a musical play in cooperation with professionals in the field. The community spirit of Rauma residents is the driving force behind Christmas and increases sustainability.

Economical resbonsibility

Christmas in Lace Town is being implemented by as wide a group of local companies and operators as possible. Our goal is that an increasing amount of tourism income will remain in the region. The Lace Town Christmas project is implemented in a financially transparent manner. We increase tourism income in the region by promoting year-round tourism.

Cultural sustainability

Nyplättyä pitsiä pöytäliinan reunassa.

Rauma is a unique site in terms of cultural heritage, which is why it is particularly important that tourism activities are carried out in a right way and take into account the preservation and vitality of cultural heritage.

The Christmas productions and lighting in the lace town are tastefully designed to suit the dignified atmosphere of Old Rauma. We want to maintain historical traditions that are important to the city’s residents, such as the declaration of Christmas peace.

The visual appeal of Christmas in Lace Town reflects Rauma’s traditional lace-making tradition, which has been demonstrably practiced since at least the 1700s. (Rauma lace – Rauma Lace)

We also encourage our partners to highlight Rauma’s cultural heritage and produce culturally responsible events.