Old Rauma

A walking tour is the recommended way to explore Old Rauma. On foot, the atmosphere and the gorgeous details can be noticed easily. The group walks around Old Rauma, on its narrow and twisty lanes, and the guide tells about the past and the present of the culturally and historically valuable area. The guide introduces the culture and history of Rauma, the home of sailors and craftsmen. During the tour it is possible to visit the beautiful Church of Holy Cross, stop by a museum, an artist’s workshop or watch a lace maker working.

The recommended duration for a walking tour in Old Rauma is at least 1,5 hours. Two or more guides are recommended for groups of over 35 persons.

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Sammallahdenmäki was chosen for the UNESCO World Heritage list as the first archaelogical site in Finland. The site is located approximately 20 km from the city centre of Rauma, in the village of Lappi. Sammallahdenmäki is in the middle of the forest, so the area can only be accessed on foot. The guide leads the group along a path to this burial site remaining from the Bronze Age. The area covering almost a kilometre contains 36 burial cairns of different shapes and sizes, the most famous of them being Kirkonlaattia, the Church Floor, and the long cairn of Huilu.

Stories and tales brighten up the tour and the silence and the purity of the forest are tangible.

The recommended duration of a guided tour in Sammallahdenmäki is 1–1,5 hours. Two or more guides are recommended for groups of over 25 persons. Because of the characterictics of the site, Sammallahdenmäki is not accessible for physically impaired persons.

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