Reksaari Kartu beach and pier from the sea. Two boats on the pier.

Reksaari, the oldest tourist island in Rauma, is an excellent nature destination for the entire family in the summer. Its groves and trails invite visitors to explore the diversity of the nature on the island. From Karttu you will find a summer café and restaurant, a sauna, campfire place and a possibility to camp out. Children can enjoy the beach and the play equipment on the island.

A guest harbour of 25 boat places serves boating visitors.

Reksaari is a nice day trip destination, but those staying longer on the island can choose to stay overnight at Rohela’s booking office or the accommodation options at Karttu.

  • Reksaari Sauna

    In Karttu in Reksaari nature island is located two saunas. Wanha Sauna in the archipelago offers…

  • Reksaari summer cafe

    Reksaari summer cafe

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