The Church of the Holy Cross


The Church of the Holy Cross in Old Rauma is the main church of Rauma parish. Around the time that the town was established, a Franciscan brotherhood built a monastery and a church in Rauma. The church was inaugurated in 1512. The Catholic monastery was later closed and the church became a Lutheran church, the Church of Holy Cross.

The medieval wall and arch paintings in the two-aisle grey granite church tell the whole Biblical history of salvation in short. The clock tower was built in 1816 and stones from the ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity were used to build it. The whitewashed tower has served as a landmark for the seafarers. The church seats approximately 800 people.

The Church of the Holy Cross is open daily. Check the opening hours.



Luostarinkatu 1


+358 2 8377 5300

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