How many people have lived in a house in Huilu? Compare the surface area of your home and the Huilu house?

What did you have to take into account when choosing where to live?

What materials were used to build the dwellings?

Where were the building materials obtained?

Can you think of any uses for the large potholes in Tahtmaa?


What kind of tombs were built in the Bronze Age?

Where were they built and why?

Where did people think the dead would go?

Metals and trade

What was trading like in the early metal age?

How does it differ from today’s trade and what are the similarities?

Why have few Bronze Age artefacts been found in Finland?

Why did iron become popular?

What goods are still made of bronze and iron?

What materials have replaced them?


Consider the reasons why people have switched to clearing and cultivating fields instead of slash and burn?

What were the different ways in which people made a living in the Early Iron Age?

What domestic animals were raised and how did people use them?


Can you think of any games and games where you could have used a puck?

What food would you find in nature in January, May and August?

How could food have been prepared before electricity?

Think about how the diet of early Palaeolithic man differs from the food you eat?