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The Poroholma Holiday Centre with long maritime traditions is located by the sea, a short way from the city centre. Poroholma Tall Ship Harbour is the home harbour for three historic tall ships, brig Gerda, schooner Kathrina, and schooner Marita.

Brig Gerda

Brig Gerda is Finland’s largest seaworthy sailing ship and additionally the only square-rigged sailing ship in Finland. Brig Gerda’s official name is Gerda Gefle and it was built in Gävle, Sweden, in 1995-2005. The ship is a replica of a cargo sailing ship of the same name, which was also built in Gävle in 1869. The ship has two 30-metre masts, 15 sails and over 5 kilometres of rope in total.

Gerda serves as a venue, a karaoke restaurant and a ship hostel. The sailing ship is available for hire throughout the year. The ship is suitable for celebrations, meetings and other private events for up to 60 persons. The ship accommodates 40 persons. The sauna is suitable for six persons and the sauna lounge for 10 persons.

M/Aux Kathrina

Kathrina is a 3-masted schooner, which was launched in 1949 and nowadays belongs to the traditional sailing ship register. Arne Lindberg, the first captain of Kathrina, sailed the Baltic Sea with a crew of three or four and transported for example coffee, bicycles, steel, coal, grain, wood and quicklime between Finland, Sweden and Denmark. In the years 1953-1971, Kathrina transported approximately 300 000 tons of sand to the construction industry in Finland. In the early 1970s, Kathrina was sold to Richard Thompson Coon. He started an elaborate  renovation to transform the ship from a cargo ship to a passenger ship.

Now the over 60-year-old passenger ship M/Aux Kathrina sails both charter sails and public sails in Helsinki during the sailing season. Schooner Kathrina’s restaurant Kathrinan messi serves customers in Rauma in midsummer, and in Helsinki during the winter season.

M/Aux Marita

M/Aux Marita is a schooner, built in 1947, which belongs to the traditional sailing ship register. Originally the ship was  built as a cargo ship. It was used for transporting for example sand from Porvoo archipelago to Helsinki. During the summer season, sailing ship restaurant  Captain Jack’s serves on the deck of schooner Marita. The sailing ship restaurant offers, among other things, burgers and salads.