9.00-10.30 Lost ship dogs workshop
10.00–14.00 Handicraft workshop for children
10.00–17.00 Lace-making in Marela and Kirsti museums
10.00–18.00 Lace-making in Poselli
10.00–18.00 Lace Week open yards and yard sales
10.00–20.00 International Grand Markets
11.00–18.00 Rauma Martha Association’s traditional food café
12.00 Midday music moment
12.00–15.00 Häplänperän Valittajat: family event
12.00–16.00 Willow weaving and nature trail for children
13.00 Guided tour at the Rauma Art Museum
13.00 Hobby horse cavalcade and obstacle races
14.00 Music by Laura ja Kari
14.00–16.00 Living historians at Marela
14.00–17.00 Conversation Park Jams for children


15.00–18.00 Earring workshop
16.00 Music by Laura ja Kari
16.00–19.00 Wednesday Lace Dance
17.00 Community singing event at the Market Square
18.00 Community singing event at Monna’s Chapel
18.00-20.00 Maritime Museum’s Lace Week Movie Night: Cuban serenade and Rio’s Night
18.00–22.00 Youth of Savila – Concert evening
20.00 Lace Week evening serenade
A performer wearing a peculiar facemask