9.00-10.30 Lost ship dogs workshop
9.00–19.00 Library book sale
10.00 Painting workshop
10.00–14.00 Handicraft workshop for children
10.00–16.00 Quilt airing
10.00–17.00 Lace-making in Marela and Kirsti museums
10.00–18.00 Lace-making in Poselli
10.00–18.00 Lace Week open yards and yard sales
10.30 ja 11.00 Storytime with Witch Roihu (FIN)
11.00–18.00 Rauma Martha Association’s traditional food café
12.00 Midday music moment
12–12.45 ja 13.15–13.45 Reading dog Loru at the library
12.00–15.00 Lace parkour (FULL, register for the waiting list)
13.00 Winged Words – Writing workshop for children
13.00–16.00 Children’s active summer day at Ylen
13.00–17.00 Flea market and café
14.00–18.00 Children’s stuffed toy clinic
14.00 Community singing event for children at the Library (FIN)
14.00 Guided tour at the Rauma Art Museum


16.00–19.00 Wellness event in the Conversation Park
16.00–16.30 Fun family exercise in the Conversation Park
17.00 Nature path for babies in the Conversation Park
16.00–20.00 Evening Market – Lace Miss Candidates and music
17.00 Community singing event at the Library (FIN)
17.00 Community singing event at the Market Square
18.00 Finnish baseball
20.00 Lace Week evening serenade
Stalls with clothing