10.00–13.00 Macramé keychain workshop
10.00–13.30 Iirolandia sports event
10.00–14.00 Handicraft workshop for children
10.00–16.00 CANCELLED: Conservation demonstration in Marela’s carriage shed
10.00–19.00 Lace-making in Marela and Kirsti museums
10.00–18.00 Lace Week open yards and yard sales
10.00–20.00 Lace-making in Poselli
10.00–24.00 International Grand Markets
10.00–24.00 Black Lace Market
11.00–16.00 The Salvation Army’s Open Café
11.00–18.00 Rauma Martha association’s traditional food café
11.45 Kamishibai theatre for children (FIN)
12.00 Midday music moment
12.00–17.00 Museum shop sale
12.00–22.00 Old Rauma craft market
12.30 Conversation with Curators: The hospitality of international art biennials
13.00 Arnie Alligator & the Jungle drum
13.45 Arnie Alligator: meet & greet
14.00– Quick caricatures
14.00 Folk dance group from Tallinn
14.00–17.00 Black Lace karaoke party at TulesTalo
14.00–18.00 Earring workshop
14.00–01.30 Black lace night dances
14.30 Art Trio’s dance and music art


15.00 Lace-making competition
15.00–17.00 Canoeing in the Rauma archipelago
16.00 Art Trio’s dance and music art
16.00 Salvation Army and friends singing group perform
16.00 Folk dance group from Tallinn
16.00–22.00 Lace Week glow bowling
17.00 Nössö Nova – Live music
17.00– Live music at Wanha Rauma KaffeBar
17.00 Community singing event
17.00 Finnish baseball
17.00-21.00 Lace Week special – Football club Pallo-Iirot women’s and men’s teams home games
18.00– Live music at Theater Restaurant Ankkuri
18.00–19.00 CANCELLED: Guided tour of Jarmo Mäkilä’s exhibition at Gallery Store
18.00–02.00 Local live music at Bar Hehku’s terrace
19.00 ONE VIOLIN – Live music
20.00 Lace Week evening serenade
20.00 Leimavero performs at Marina Vista
21.00 Evelina – Live music