Opening Hours of Attractions in Summer 2022

Rauma is a real treat for museum and art lovers. There are things to see and experience for people of all ages in the city’s museums. The museums help you to familiarise yourself with for example lace-making and maritime history as well as city living in different eras in the heart of Old Rauma. All the city’s museums are open in the summer 2022 and many of them are open all year round.

The Kiikartorni lookout tower by Syväraumanlahti bay offers the best view of maritime landscapes. The Rauma water tower other hand offers a spectacular view over the city centre.

The Old Town Hall Museum

Old Town Hall and flowers

The Old Town Hall Museum has two exhibitions in the summer time; the Rauma Lace exhibition and Spiritual and secular power in Rauma -exhibition. The museum store Kistupuad, has an extensive selection of items for souvenirs.

Open in summer 1.6.–31.8. daily at 10–17 o’clock.

Kauppakatu 13, tel. +358 44 793 3532,,

Marela Museum

Marela ship owner´s home museum outside

Marela is a home museum of merchant and shipowner families. The museum shows what the family’s life was like in the early 20th century. Marela houses three exhibitions in summer time; photo exhibition Life at Marela, Women’s work, Embroidery and cozy comfort – a Biedermeier parlour in Rauma style.

Open in summer 1.6.–31.8. Tue–Sun at 10–17 o’clock.

Kauppakatu 24, puh. +358 44 567 9183,,

Kirsti Museum

Kirsti Museum and apple tree flowers

Kirsti’s yard and its buildings shed light on the construction methods used in the city in the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. The museum showcases the lives of owner and renter families in the 20th century.

Open in summer 1.6.–31.8. Tue–Sun at 10–17 o’clock.

Pohjankatu 3, tel. 044 793 3529 (only in summer),,

Rauma Art Museum

Rauma Art Museum in Hauenguano

The pink museum offers its visitors art experiences from classical painting to changing exhibitions of contemporary art. The more than 200-year-old museum building and its courtyard are the best-preserved entities in Old Rauma. Summer exhibition 11.6.–25.9. Rauma Triennale 2022, Imagine!

Open in summer 11.6.–31.8. Tue-Sun at 10–17 o’clock.

Kuninkaankatu 37, tel. +358 2 822 4346,,

Rauma Maritime Museum

Rauma Maritime Museum and hellms

Rauma Maritime Museum is located in the former Rauma Maritime School, which was completed in 1900. The Maritime Museum presents the city’s rich maritime history. At the museum, the spotlight focuses not only on ships, but also on sailors. In summer there’s among other things the Seafarers in times of emergency -exhibition that shows how seafarers have exposed themselves to all sorts of dangers .

Open in summer 4.6.–14.8. every day at 11–17 o’clock. 15.–28.8. at Tue–Fri at 12–16, Sat at 11–17 o’clock. 29.8.–18.12. Sat at 11–17 o’clock.

Kalliokatu 34, tel. +358 2 822 4911,,

Lönnström museums

Lönnström Home Museum

Teresia ja Rafael Lönnström’s home museum displays the unique home and art collection of this Rauma-based industrialist couple. Summer exhibition Traveling Teresia shows traveling photos from five decades.

Open in summer 1.–30.6. Sat–Sun at 12–16 o’clock, 1.7.–31.8. Wed–Sun at 12–16 o’clock.

Syväraumankatu 41, tel. +358 45 2610 504,,

Potter’s Workshop

Savenvalajan verstas -museo auringossa.

Potter Gustaf Löfman’s workshop’s main product have been ceramic tiles. Tiles were made of red clay and glazed with brown glaze. Workshop’s kiln and movable property has remained in their original condition. Visiting attraction is free.

Open in summer 1.–31.7. every day at 11–15 o’clock.

Nummenkatu 14,

Church of the Holy Cross

Chandelier and ceiling painting of the Church of the Holy Cross

The Church of the Holy Cross is built by a Franciscan brotherhood in 1512. The beautiful Church of the Holy Cross continues to be one of the most popular attractions in Rauma.

Open in summer 2.5.–30.9. Mon–Fri at 10–17 o’clock, Sat at 11–16 o’clock, Sun at 10–16 o’clock (from 1.8. onward 10–15 o’clock).

Luostarinkatu 1, tel. +358 2 8377 5300,,

Lookout Tower

Sunny view from Rauma water tower.

The Rauma water tower offers a spectacular view over the city centre. Observation deck is 66,5 meters above sea level. You will also find restaurant Rauman Torni from the tower.

Open Mon–Thu at 11–14 o’clock, Fri at 11–14 o’clock and 17–21 o’clock, Sat at 12–21 o’clock.

Vesitornintie 2, tel +358 41 314 6182,,

Kiikartorni Lookout Tower

The Kiikartorni lookout tower by Syväraumanlahti bay offers the best view of maritime landscapes. Syväraumanlahti bay is a busy harbour. From the lookout tower you can watch the boat traffic in the harbour.

Open in summer every day at 9–22 o’clock.

Suvitie 10, tel. +358 187 7793,,

Nokka Art Croft

Nokka Art Croft’s art exhibition is open 1.7.–22.8 every day at 12–18 o’clock.

Suvitie 10, tel. +358 40 7798173,,

Tammela House

Main building and gate of Old Rauma renovation centre Tammela.

Tammela House showcases UNESCO World Heritage in Rauma as well as renovation activities in Old Rauma.

Open in summer 1.6.–31.8. every day at 11–17 o’clock.

Eteläpitkäkatu 17, tel. +358 44 793 4775,,

Kordelin Chapel

Alfred Kordelin chapel in spring.

Kordelin Chapel was built in memory of Alfred Kordelin (1868–1917), a major landowner, businessman and a patron. This 100 years old chapel is located in the old cemetery of Rauma.

Open in summer 1.6.–15.8. Mon–Thu at 9–15 o’clock and Fri at 9–13. Visitors are asked to note that the chapel still serves as a chapel.

Kaunisjärvenkatu 4,

Local History Museum Muina

In the Local History Museum Muina, you can experience the atmosphere of a peasant courtyard in an authentic rural environment. The museum’s collections include 1,800 objects from rural life from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Open in summer in June, July and August on Sundays at 14–16 o’clock. In July also Tue at 12–15 o’clock and Wed-Fri at 12–14 o’clock.

Muinantie 7, Vasarainen, tel. 02 534 6056,

Art House Ylen

Art House Ylen at Kodisjoki, Rauma, is ITE-artist (ITE = outsider art) Väinö Ylen’s (1908–2000) and his wife Hilma’s former residence. Väinö made hundreds of concrete sculptures that are displayed in the house, courtyard and byre. Art House also has a café.

Open in summer 2.–31.7. Wed, Thu, Sat and Sun at 12–16 o’clock. During Lace Week 23.–31.7. open every day at 12–16 o’clock.

Kodisjoentie 1535, Kodisjoki, tel. 040 511 3203,,

Smith’s Croft

Smith Isak Grundström (1842–1921) and his family’s former residence has been preserved in Kodisjoki as a museum. In summer 2022 croft exhibits Kodisjoki Marthas’ versatile summer exhibition Kukoistavaa kauneutta (“booming beauty”) inside the croft and around it’s courtyard. There is also various traditional courtyard activities for children. Smith’s croft has a cafeteria.

Open in July Saturdays and Sundays at 12–16 o’clock. During Lace Week 23.–31.7. open every day at 12–16 o’clock.

Kodisjoentie 1499 c, Kodisjoki, tel. 050 528 2658,,

Lappi Home Region Museum

Attractions in museum hill: stone storeroom from 1876, church stables from early 20th century, Jokinen’s house which used to be a home of a sacristan and Eskelä’s granary. Museum exhibition includes extensive collection of Lappi’s culture heritage. Visiting attraction is free.

Open in July Sundays at 10–15 o’clock and during Lapin Löylypäivät 6.–7.8. at 10–15 o’clock.

Museotie 2, tel. 050 502 0197,