Finland’s smallest Christmas street

The light and sound work Finland’s smallest Christmas street is on display in Kitukränni in Old Rauma.

The work was designed and created by the Rauma-based artist Jaakko Niemelä, whose works feature light as a central element. Niemelä is interested in combining natural and artificial light, as well as shadows and darkness.

The artist has designed the work for his hometown in the heart of Old Rauma, the narrowest street in Finland, Kitukränni. The work has been created on the terms of its location, respecting the spirit of Old Rauma.

The Finland’s Smallest Christmas Street is made up of five false windows attached to the walls of houses. Images drawn by the artist are projected onto them with light. The soundscape includes the sounds of the home and children’s stories about the windows and what is happening behind them.

Kitukränn-street and its light art